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    What do you carry?

    LH ,P7PSP,RH GUNTING,SOB Rob Patton Fixed Blade & a Wally Watts,or Shogune Trapper. THE DUCK! :cool:
  2. J

    Gun Guys: What have I gotten myself into?

    arawn, YOU should kick yourself!!P9S!!Sweet gun.If you get a P7M8 get a holster that compensates for the release,some have complained of losing their mags. If you want a revolver in 357 look for an old Dan Wesson,4".Munk would go crazy for this one! THE DUCK! :cool:
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    Gun Guys: What have I gotten myself into?

  4. J

    Someone explain this one to me

    Yeah THEY condemn us but where were these people when Saddam was torturing,gassing & KILLING!! Where is the outcry about THROAT CUTTING PRISONERS??HIGHER standards,I would adhere to what Pershing did in the Phill.Hmmmm,what if we just turned Saddam loose,told him,do what you want,you can rule...
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    What knife do you own that you would never part with?

    For me,a small folder given to me by my Dad(on a bridge in the Keys)Dad is gone now,a Tanto fixed, by "Bill the cat",two HI Kuks from an Operator friend,two Randall's & a Lovestrand from my Brother & his family & a Buck TI 110 from Brian C! Jim
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    Makin' conversation...

    Last time I talked to someone in a BOOKSTORE,he wanted me to give him a source to buy.....I then was contacted by someone(govt.)who asked for the person's description,offered me $$$$$$$$ to "help" if he contacted me again!! :rolleyes:I don't talk to ANYONE(unless she's a blond & beautiful)in a...
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    Float like a rainbow butterfly - sting like a Spyderfly

    kamkaz, True,BUT,you learn, to draw ,especially when you play with"Baby"!! Baby is my 5"Jody Sampson Kris.She's been with me for awhile & never let me down! :D :D THE DUCK! :cool:
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    Float like a rainbow butterfly - sting like a Spyderfly

    Wait until you get a Old Pacic Cutlery or a custom! You will then ,sell or put the Fly away,you wouldn't even want it! THE DUCK! :cool:
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    I met with two masters tonight...

    Svash, Really!! OK try this,give someone a Magic Marker,tell them to prevent you from taking it away from him or her! EVERY mark you have on your body is a cut.You WILL be surprised.Also remember this,the guy that knows how to use one,is VERY good,he is fast & moves well,guy usually...
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    I met with two masters tonight...

    Semper, NO,people will be at the "very least" ,cut! Don't even pay attention to "anyone" who maintains the view THEY can disarm anyone with a knife!! I've met a few who make this statement,keep my mouth shut ,look at them & just depart! I've trained with a blade for a little while &...
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    I met with two masters tonight...

    If you ever get the chance,take a Bram Frank Seminar! Same thing will happen,you will be amazed.Those training knives can hurt ,can't they?Especially when they whack a knuckle! :D THE DUCK! :cool:
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    The longest day soon the least remembered, with Knife content

    When was the last time ANY of you sat & talked to some teens??Try discussing history!! They look blank,if you mention Bataan,Battle of the Bulge,I swear one couldn't name who fought against us in WW2.Lewis & Clark,Kit Carson,you confuse them.Iraq,they think we should TALK & try to understand...
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    The longest day soon the least remembered, with Knife content

    lt, The your question is complex.One "they" no longer teach history!THEY try to rewrite it.My Dad listened to an "Academic "a person with many degrees & a speaker give his take on WW2 it's reasons etc.Dad looked dismayed,turned to me & said"Your generation doesn't have the right to...
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    Fathers Day came early in Alaska...

    Runs, I understand,one reason I don't want to visit.Used to walk to school & snow would be to my waist.Back of schoolyd was beginning of woods(we were at Ft.Richardson).Man you could walk out in the woods & the "only" sound you would hear would be branches cracking becase of...
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    Fathers Day came early in Alaska...

    Runs, Was in Alaska in 1950(really wild THEN)! Got chased out of camp by an Alaska Brown Bear.Are the mosquetoes still as big and a bother in the woods?? Oh yeah,Go after the Griz,leave the Brownies alone & PRACTICE!! THE DUCK! :cool:
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    Emerson Kerambit question

    I have a question for those who have both the fixed & the folder! Which Emerson Karambit do you perfer & why?? Be safe, Jim
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    OT: Wheelguns disappearing....

    Guys, Carry gun is usually an H&K P7,or(& a S&W Airweight"I live in Miami,so I need two")!! However If I could,I would carry my 4"357 mag.Dan Wesson.Just something about a blued gun that hits dead center,AHHHHH,sort of like holding a Durba!!! THE DUCK! :cool:
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    Petition for clarifying what the FL law is on common pocketknife's.

    He is "only" a thief,NOT a violent criminal AND he has a drug problem!!He got a raw deal with the pocketknife!SNIFF! Try returning to your apt,have it ransacked & things taken(thief probably needed the $$ HE had a drug prob).So I have to take my hardearned money & buy to replace what he...
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    Khuol dagger "House of Flying Daggers"

    Saw the movie!What a waste of time! Barf! THE DUCK!
  20. J

    Day 1: the end of my Cursed existence.

    "YOU",can do it!Have a friend that smoked,first thing in the morning cig,last thing at night a cig.One day,reached for a cig.pack was EMT.He said ,"I realized Cigs were controlling my life"!! He doesn't LIKE anything to control him. He bought a pack,put it on the dresser,it was the first thing...