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  1. glennbad

    "Old Knives"

    Wonderful save, Duncan! The only thing that would bug me is that crack at the butt end. I'd have to throw some epoxy in there to stabilize it. Otherwise, it's a great knife that is begging to be used!
  2. glennbad

    "Old Knives"

    Glenn who? That's a dandy job you did on that one, not sure I could have improved on it.(And a great knife and etch to boot!) Just think, now we can save on shipping costs!
  3. glennbad

    Guess whose birthday is today?

    Hope you have a great day, Charlie!
  4. glennbad

    r8shell Scrimshaw Appreciation Thread

    As many of you know, our own porch member @r8shell , like other members of the porch, is quite the talented artist. I have been thoroughly impressed by her scrimshaw work that she and others have shared. I reached out to her to see if she had any interest in doing a little piece of work for...
  5. glennbad

    What is your opinion of Tuna Valley?

    I like the look and quality of them overall, but some I have seen have weird hafting of the cover materials. They'll be really thick and then taper down aggressively at the bolsters. It looks cheesy (to me anyways) IMO. I don't think they do that on all of them, but a handful I have seen were...
  6. glennbad

    What would you do with this knife, a thread for green river knife blades.

    Looks great! If you are not already using this tip...when drilling through material (wood, bone, etc), have something behind it (wood, leather, etc). Clamp together if necessary. This will minimize blowout from the drill bit coming through the back of the material.
  7. glennbad

    The traditional knife you feel was your best deal...

    I think it's a tie........This one for $22 in an antique store And this one off the 'bay for $6
  8. glennbad

    E. Bruckmann Knives

    I'm not sure why I haven't modded one of these before. Maybe because they are usually in such great condition. However, I had this one, and found the covers to be hideous. What to do??? Put some nice stag on it, of course! Here's before and after...
  9. glennbad

    Cat People

    Hmm, someone likes to cruise BladeForums with me!
  10. glennbad

    John Lloyd Knives

    John sure makes a nice knife!
  11. glennbad

    Remington Prospector 2021 Baby Bullet Discussion and Picture Thread

    There were enough offered that I actually didn't have to camp out on my laptop to get one. I just ordered one for the knife drawer. Nice looking knife in a classic pattern. I'd be curious to see how the flippers make out on this one, LOL.
  12. glennbad

    Old Guy Gets New Pants:

    That sheath is quite handsome!
  13. glennbad

    TLC, tips and tricks for old knives

    If I see bone or stag that looks really dry, I apply some mineral oil and let it sit for awhile. Keep in mind that this may darken the material a bit.
  14. glennbad

    Cat People

    Our son moved out with his cat, so we just adopted this sweet girl from a foster. No name for her yet. Very affectionate. She's just turned about a year old, and had just weened off her kittens (Teen mom!). I think she came from somewhere down south. She does a thing when she's relaxing...
  15. glennbad


    PM sent, I'll take it if still available.
  16. glennbad

    Looking for info on old Barlow

    The blade reminds me of Kutmaster
  17. glennbad

    What’s the most desirable GEC?

    Yeah, that Norfolk was pretty hot!