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    Bradford USA: Guardian 3 and 3.5 Variations: Saber, Flat, Wharncliff, G-Necker, Sheepsfoot

    Great thread with a lot of good information. I recently bought a vertical adapter strap for Bradford Guardian 3 sheath from Gary and it works great and the craftsmanship on the adapter is impeccable. I will be purchasing more of these adapters for some of my other G3's in the near future.
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    Posted a message on your profile page. Please email me. Thanks
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    * SOLD * Bradford Guardian 3 in CPM3v

    Gary, Do you make these vertical carry adapter straps? If so I'm interested in at least one. Thank you for your time, Bob S. my email [email protected]
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    (All sold) Italian Switchblade Collection (Priced to Sell)

    I'll take the Leverletto unless someone takes the whole collection. I posted a message on your profile page.
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    Microtech Exocet - CA Legal - Tanto - Apocalyptic

    I'll take this. Send me an email with your PP address and I'll get you paid. [email protected] Thank you, Bob S.
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    Funds sent. Thank you. Have a great week, Bob
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    I'll take the Queen. Message me at I'm out fishing and will pay you when you get back to me.
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    Bradford g-necker

    Knife arrived today and just as described. Thank you Posted positive feedback for you today.
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    Bradford g-necker

    Funds Sent. Thank you
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    Bradford g-necker

    I'll take this one. Contact me with your PP info @ [email protected]
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    Auto's all SOLD

    Great score Tom. I almost pulled the trigger on this one myself.
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    Guardian Tactical 040 NIB

    I'll take the Recon 040 as per our texts.
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    Chris Reeve Clips

    I'll take the Large MXG Deep Carry Clip. email me
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    Huge Huge sale!!!

    Email sent on a couple of knives.
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    Posted a message on your Profile Page.