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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    What’s this boot dagger look like ?
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    Sure why not
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    CupidGanzaaa 2021 Coming Sunday, January 31, 2021 At 9:00 PM Eastern!!!!!

    14 A thru F is what I would Love too.
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    Hogs, Rats and Sheaths

    Mean street is awesome bro. Gonna call you.
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    Olight M2R PRO Warrior Patriotic Edition 1800 Lumens Rechargeable Torchlight...X-2

    I’ll take one as well. Please confirm your PP with me. Thanks.
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Don’t know if this is the correct place but I’m still looking for a Carothers shiv. Willing to pay or maybe a used potato killer in trade ? I have Much stuff if you have a shiv. Thanks. Carterironworks at . If you don’t wanna pm. Thanks all. Scott
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    In for one Full satin blade Full Swedge Double black micarta handles With the titanium blued paid 2/9 shipping
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    SOLD, Some more Blade Show inventory

    Late for a DEK1. Is there a place I can read about this one ? Edit. Found it!!! :)
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    Old School A2 Badger w/rare factory serrations and unusual Sheath

    That’s nice. Hopefully deal works out but if not PM me please.
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    Reserved for one more.
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    up for sale today are two knives. Both as I purchased Them new from CPK. Wish I new More on pricing but so many guys like to erase the sale price. I know It’s like beating a dead horse. first is a Heavy duty medium chopper with antique edge grain micarta.(inlayed scales sold) Asking 605.00...
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    Keffeler Sasquatch 1.5

    Up for grabs is a Dan Keffeler Sasquatch 1.5. I’m pretty sure this means it’s one and 1/2 times the size of a regular squatch. This is a 3v blade with terotuff handle. This is a used blade. I have Never sharpened it. And it still cuts paper with ease. That’s how little use it’s gotten. Blade...
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    CPK Extravaganza

    Never mind. Got ahead of myself. Beautiful stuffThanks.
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    Carothers HDMC

    Hopefully my reply wasn’t misleading. The knife and sheath as received from CPK Is still available for sale. If price is too high let me know. I thought Knife was 600 ,with heavy duty added. then antique micarta charge. Shipping, fees etc. 700$ was fair. Guess these aren’t in demand like they...
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    Hoffman hawksbill

    up for your consideration is a Liam Hoffman hawksbill axe. Just as I received it. Asking $450 obro shipped to you Pm or email at [email protected] with questions. Thanks for looking
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    Carothers HDMC

    Inlayed grips sold separately. Price for knife and sheath 705.00 shipped tyd. Ty
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    Carothers HDMC

    Carothers Heavy duty medium chopper with sheath just as received from CPK. Antique edge grain micarta handles. Beautiful!!! Edit / sold inlayed grips separate. Asking 705.00 for Knife and sheath. Please pm or email at [email protected] With questions. Thanks.
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    Hill People Pack for sale!

    [email protected] for some pics. I’ll try to look up too. Ty.
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    RARE for sale.

    I’ve had these two for quite a while. They are some of the rarest Old school Busse blades made. I would Love to sell the pair together to the right buyer. So here it goes... Desert Shsj and a desert ark. Straight handle satin Jack and air rescue knife. There’s a lot more to these knives if you...
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    Photos! Post your CPK photos here!

    That’s edc in the wood right ? Anyone get an UF with wood yet? What r they looking like ? I’ll post a pic here tomorrow since it’s a pic thread :) My stair gang tonight.