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  1. whateatsrabbits

    LNIB Hoback A8 Slimline Titanium Stonewash

    Do you still have? send me PM or email please.
  2. whateatsrabbits

    FS: strider Hinderer medford

    whats the story with the pics of the other side of the blade?
  3. whateatsrabbits

    Two XM18 3.5's Bowie and 20CV Spearpoint

    these still available? I sent email.
  4. whateatsrabbits

    Educate me on Strider folders

    words of wisdom from the archive... Mick Strider's Avatar Mick Strider Mick Strider is offline Registered User Join Date Feb 2000 Location Oceanside, CA Posts 1,383 "Don't sweat it Mega-man..... If we walk through life worrying about the losers....we become one. m"
  5. whateatsrabbits

    Educate me on Strider folders this will answer the questions you have. Its all just speculation, unless you work for the government and know the actual numbers. So what point are you trying to get at?
  6. whateatsrabbits

    Educate me on Strider folders

    I think you miss understood, wholesale orders from a small company, are not going to be bulk like your thinking. People just cant order a knife to their specification from strider unless there buying a certain quantity. So maybe they don't have shipping containers full of striders but they...
  7. whateatsrabbits

    Educate me on Strider folders

    Wonder why the military still orders his knives? The knives must just be that good that even the people he stole valor from can forgive and place wholesale orders.
  8. whateatsrabbits

    Educate me on Strider folders

    What can you expect different from crk and rhk, well IMO strider is the perfect middle ground between the two. Strider blade grinds don't cut as good as a crk but cut better then rhk, all due to thickness behind the edge. Striders one piece handle scale/backspacer adds tons of strength and...
  9. whateatsrabbits

    My evolving collection

    Stay tuned going to make an update soon, getting more into fixed blades!
  10. whateatsrabbits

    Chinese quality and offerings better than North American?
  11. whateatsrabbits

    Kershaw "Sprint Runs"?

    I used to be all about the limited edition knives. Then I realized one of the main reason I buy nice knives if for the great warranty. With limited production stuff, they usually cant warranty it if needed.
  12. whateatsrabbits

    Knife to Keep in Car

    Smart^^^ Order up a few moras and keep them in tactical locations, and forget about them till you need them!
  13. whateatsrabbits

    Your knife clipped to pocket ever fall out?

    I had a sebenza 25 fall out of my pocket not to long ago. Earlier that day while I was using the knife I thought to myself dam that clip is a little weak, better tight it up when I get home. Well that wasn't soon enough, because when I went to leave work that day it wasn't in my pocket and...
  14. whateatsrabbits

    Strider SNGs S110v and PD1 Flag G10

    dam couldn't have posted these up yesterday? :( just bought a SnG cc last night, but the black flag has always been one of my grail striders... any interest in trades?
  15. whateatsrabbits

    best priced mid-tech/semi custom knife for around $200-400

    IDK what your uses are but my choice would be a strider SnG or a used medford knife and tool.
  16. whateatsrabbits

    What is your sliciest knife?

    strider sj-75s super deep hollow grind. The thin edge makes music when you strum it.
  17. whateatsrabbits

    How do you afford it all?

    Went to trade school to be a mechanic. Work hard, play hard. Single, drive a cheap car (brand new Ford fiesta), cheap rent. Hunt so the freezer is full of meat, and I get to use my knives...
  18. whateatsrabbits

    My evolving collection

    my newest knife an updated shot of my strider collection And a youtube vid of them :)