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    Introduction and a WIP

    Wow! This is an amazing WIP! Thank you so much for sharing! :)
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    Some recently made Straight razors

    Wow, those look beautiful!
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    Scary Opening.

    I know what you mean. I guess my Kershaw Leek, one of the few production knives that I own, is extremely deadly and should only be handled by highly trained professional ninjas! :p
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    Enrique Peña 2013 Blade Show Knives

    I missed you at the Blade 2013 show. Beautiful knives! :)
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    Drill Press

    I'll add my meager two cents worth in, I'd definitely recommend the floor model over the bench if you can get it. Those machines are usually more solid which will mean less play at the spindle. I have a bench model that I'm going to get rid of for a floor model. The only reason I have the bench...
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    Advanced Knife Machining WIP, Pointy Fighter

    Wow! Great WIP! Thank you for sharing this. :)
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    First Mill

    I've been thinking about making a similar purchase myself, just haven't had the time to really look into its specs. Looks pretty decent. Congratulations on the new mill.
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    Congress whittler covered in antique tortoise

    Wow, that is a beautiful knife! :)
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    Enrique Peña 2013 Blade Show Knives

    Dang, this thread will be detrimental to my "I can't wait-itis" syndrome. :)
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    KA-BAR Welcomes Mike Snody

    Oh cool! I'm anxious to see what designs are coming.
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    Three from Fry Custom Knives

    Gorgeous knives!
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    Knives from the workshop of Roman Blaha

    Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing. :)
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    Get A Deep Even Black Patina On 1095 Carbon Steel

    Great demonstration! I love the results. I've experimented with boiling vinegar for patinas and it's definitely some ripe stuff! If at all possible, I'd recommend trying to boil it outside to keep it out of the house altogether. :)
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    ZT 0560 Wood Scale

    That looks very nice!