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    What do you think of the new Busse Sword?

    fact is there is a good sized army of mall ninjas who need such armament...and you have to sell something to feed the Humvee why not make everyone happy?
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    A rare Busse Slicer - ABA - Anorexic Badger Attack 3

    I got one up on an auction site that I think is the same thing! Where's my spyderco?????
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    Water Quench.. Words of wisdom... :(

    Yoshihara Yoshindo is not a Living National Treasure.
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    Hamons and heavy use

    The hamon itself is a permanent metallurgical feature of the blade revealed through polishing and/or etching. The only way to remove it is to grind the edge completely away through the hamon, or to heat the blade to the critical temperature, or thereabouts.... It may become difficult to see if...
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    Satsuma-age: from Tanto to Kwaiken - sheath post#19

    Looks nice but it is crying for a habaki....
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    Quench oil and alternatives for simple steels like 1080/ 1085???

    Is there something wrong with water? Seems the Japanese have used it successfully for 1000 years....
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    B4 Sheath Head's Up...

    Picked up a sheath for my b4 (thin) at Cabela's today-made by Buck, nylon with kydex liner, for $15. It fits like a glove.....Just thought I would mention it in case someone is looking for an off the shelf sheath....Picts below...
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    Well someone had to do it.....

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    Busse ABA III Desert for Trade

    Wow, no interest in what I thought was one of the most desirable Busse knives around???? Go figure.....
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    Busse ABA III Desert for Trade

    Looking for a Basic 4 magnum in black....and cash.....
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    WHAT IS MY KNIFE / GADGET / SPATULA / TUNING FORK WORTH?!?!?!?! In order to curtail potential abuse of membership privileges associated with the forums, questions regarding valuation of knives and collections are limited to those with a membership level which permits selling on this site...
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    Got mine today! Very pleased...I think I will be selling my ABA III which has been my deer hunting knife in favor of the B$...
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    What are you going to use your Basic 4 for?

    Why do you need a thick for deer processing?
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    Thick or thin B4?

    I've used an ABA III for my deer dressing and skinning knife for 4 years and never a problem. It is thinner yet at .125 I believe....
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    Busse Combat Basic 4 . . . Prepare For Trough Warfare!!!. . . . I Smell Bacon!!!!

    Why wouldn't you be able to get one? Aren't these going to be available to order for a while after the initial release?
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    help with katana identification(pic heavy)

    This is an older, most likely pre 1600's blade that has been shortened about 4 inches or so in a WWII era Japanese Army officer's mounting. Can't tell you more without closeups of the blade.....