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  1. Deadman's Point


    This is ridiculous. Take my money, and give me something I'll never really need.
  2. Deadman's Point

    The "P&L Statement" Is Coming Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 9:00 PM Eastern!!!

    @David Brown I'd send you mine if it helps out. This guy is my new field partner.
  3. Deadman's Point

    Busse Newb With Dumb Questions

    That's exactly how I got my mammoth grip Killa Zilla with comp finish and nuclear meltdown. Got it two weeks from when I ordered it. OP should call them today.
  4. Deadman's Point

    The "P&L Statement" Is Coming Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 9:00 PM Eastern!!!

    @David Brown Any sheath examples for these yet?
  5. Deadman's Point

    SOLD, 20 Boot Daggers

    Boot dagger me boss.
  6. Deadman's Point

    ***sold***PRICE DROP: Patagonian-style Clip

    Now this I will try to get next time. Excellent pick up.
  7. Deadman's Point

    Axe? Please educate me

    I didn't see it mentioned, but the absence of sharp corners on the poll would be really helpful for those of us using the axe as a hunting tool. It makes skinning a breeze and no holes in the hide.
  8. Deadman's Point

    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    One please in 3V unbuffed natural. paid
  9. Deadman's Point

    Forged Nesmuk SOLD

    Sad I missed this gem. Beaut.
  10. Deadman's Point

    Re issue wishlist

    I've been looking for a nesmuk or a minimuk for longer than I care to admit.
  11. Deadman's Point

    SOLD, Forty 4" Boot Daggers, Delta 3V

    I'd take one as well. Fat chance though I wager.
  12. Deadman's Point

    SOLD, DEK1 and some Blade Show inventory

    Ugh... never loaded for me.
  13. Deadman's Point

    Christmas In July!!! . . . A BlindGrabBaganzaaa!!! . . . Wed, July 15, 2020 At 9:00 PM Eastern!!!

    So these grab bags typically consist of stuff going back to the last grab bags. Anyone recall smaller blades suitable for deer/elk duty? The smallest one I recall is the Mud Mutt, and it was still a bit lengthy. Last time I did this I got a FMV14... nice, but I'm at a loss as to a suitable use...
  14. Deadman's Point

    FABU Discount? . . . . Decipher The Acronym And Win $100.00

    Fusion attack bushwacker ultimate
  15. Deadman's Point

    What's Next??? . . . Solve The Riddle And Win $300.00!!!

    I'm thinking the 16" infi camp hawk is right around the corner.
  16. Deadman's Point

    SOLD, Some more Blade Show inventory

    I know someone wants to get me UF. Please.
  17. Deadman's Point

    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    WTB: Buffed antique micarta EDC2 scales I have buffed natural that I'd be fine trading or selling if beneficial.
  18. Deadman's Point

    SOLD, Some more Blade Show inventory

    Yay. Server error... server error... server error...
  19. Deadman's Point

    All Sold

    I'll take the edc2.
  20. Deadman's Point

    After Sale Lounge

    Everyone is congratulating @moparsbob here. Don't kid yourself, Bob... we all secretly hate you. xo