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  1. rackness

    28 For Sale --> 15 available

    I’ll take the bento pm2 please
  2. rackness

    Good da-sh

    I just recently completed a transaction with da-sh. I had a communication issue with the forum and he was super patient and friendly as I figured out my pm issues. The transaction was smooth after I fixed my account issues. Excellent communication, shipping was very fast ,packaging was stout and...
  3. rackness

    Good Rickster is one of the good ones!

    I recently purchased a Manix2 from Rickster. Communication was excellent, shipping was fast, the packaging could survive an explosion and the Manix was exactly as described. Not to mention he is a nice guy to boot:cool:! Don’t hesitate to do business with Rickster he is GTG!
  4. rackness

    Good Bruno1981 is GTG

    Just acquired an atom from Bruno1981. Great communication, super fast shipping and of course a great knife. Thank you Sean!:)
  5. rackness

    New Shiro lockup percentage?

    Seems normal. It will move in just a little as you use it. The addictive action will help with that :cool:. Congrats on your hation it’s a beautiful knaf.
  6. rackness

    TRM Atom blood orange micarta scales

    Email inbound:thumbsup:
  7. rackness

    LE ONLY please- best knife for duty

    American lawman. Outstanding knife. Works well with or without gloves. Solid lock and good size for most cutting tasks. And reasonably price if it gets lost or damaged.
  8. rackness

    One-handed opening: does it matter?

    Mandatory for any knife I carry. Also they must lock. The only exception is if I am going somewhere a locking knife is not allowed.
  9. rackness

    Good Ruggdogg87 is gtg

    Just completed a deal with Ryan for a Slim Midi Marauder. Communication was great, super fast shipping and I am loving the knife. A+ Ruggdogg87 is gtg do recommended:thumbsup:
  10. rackness


    Email inbound!
  11. rackness


    I’ll take it for 380 if you opt not to trade it.
  12. rackness

    The Bears' Den--Shirogorov Showcase

    Congrats on the new bear! The hation is the smaller size, like a neon. The hati is more f95 size as you see :). It is a very useful shape for a larger blade and still slicy. Just look at it this way now you have an excuse to get a “more edc friendly” blade in a hation zero. ;)
  13. rackness

    Why is everyone cutting so much cardboard?

    The new edge retention test should be number of clothing strings/loose threads cut before it can no longer cut warm butter.
  14. rackness

    Photos Soldiers' combat blade

    The camouflage is superb!
  15. rackness

    ZT023 "in use" review?

    Ha! use knives....