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    I placed my 7/7 order on sept. 23, 2015, paid in full & still waiting
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    New (and old) 7/7 thread

    I ordered my 7/7 sept. 23 2015, hopefully soon
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    Blade Show VIP Passes- Get them here!

    Mailing tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Survive! GSO 7/7

    That was fast, one minute or less :-)
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    skeletonized handles

    Thanks Ellie, I cant wait now to get a 7/7 !!!
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    skeletonized handles

    Really looking forward to getting a 7/7. I am selling some of my other knives to get one when they are available. thanks for the info guy's !!!
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    skeletonized handles

    Thanks for the reply ,the 7/7 is the one I want, I feel better about it now !!!
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    skeletonized handles

    anyone know if all of the handles on the GSO knives are skeletonized, the ones that I have seen look very thin on the edge of the lasered holes, I prefer solid handles, has anyone seen a broke skeletonized handle, thanks for any imput.
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    Prepariing for Bladeshow

    "Adventure Outdoors" is close to the Blade show & they have tons of guns, gun parts , gear, etc. check out there web site in Smyrna , Ga.
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    So...It's Pokey's Birthday

    Have a great one young lady !!!!!!
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    Walking dead new Busse spotted

    One swat & two pieces of rabbit !!!!!
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    ZOMBUCKS ? Do You Own Any?

    I have a solid copper one that I got at the gun show. I also got a solid copper .45 acp round. I may put it on a neckless
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    2014; What Would You Like to See?

    A Sykco #511 in orange !!!!
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    Merry Christmas To All..... And To All A Good Knife!!!!!

    Merry christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Holiday Thoughts and Wishes....

    Merry christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Back on the pipe!!!

    A good pipe of tobacco can be very relaxing, sitting by the creek !!!!
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    Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    They are great. glad you had a great time !!!!
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    Another Busse in the Walking Dead

    Fusion Battle Mistress. When I saw it , I yelled to my wife to look :-)
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    1911 help needed.....

    Eric, I have a new Remington 1911 enhanced & it is very tight & shoots great. I also have a new Ruger 1911, I like it a lot also. both guns shoot anything that I feed them. I gave $650 NIB for the Ruger at the gun show. The Remington I traded for, but they are pretty reasonably priced The...