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    Sharpening Service around Los Angeles

    Just ship me your knives and I'll do it haha
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    SOLD Microtech Ultratech - Spartan Contoured Black Tactical

    I'll take the dirac. PM Me your paypal info.
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    UTX-70 user

    I've not received tracking information for the UT. PM me what it is.
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    A couple of ZTs (Both Sold)

    I will take the 0550. PM me paypal information.
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    Bad Dan Koster of Koster Knives takes your money then disappears.

    Hey everyone, just wanted to update. I ended up asking dan, "Can you tell me the truth about the progress of my knife for once?" And he refunded my money. So, there is hope. Text the shit out of him if he owes you money. I grabbed a BRKT 1.5 in 3V instead.
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    Ontario knife co., Jeo-tec, esee, tops mini, and Honshu

    I'll take number 2 the jeotec. PM me paypal info
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    Zt and spyderco

    I will take the 562 cf for 150. Pm me paypal info.
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    All sold thanks BF!

    I'll take the beast. Sending PM
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    Bad Dan Koster of Koster Knives takes your money then disappears.

    Oh fellas, do I have a fun text conversation for you guys. I have all my texts with Dan going back several years. I was thinking of legal action recently if anyone wants to join the class haha
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    SOLD 14.5" BCM Barrel

    PM sent. I'll take the item I PMd you about.
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    Massdrop and a Spyderco

    These are both catch and release knives for me. The spyderco was used to open one box and the ferrum forge falcon has not been used. They're just too small for my hands to use comfortably. Spyderco pictures: Massdrop/ferrum forge falcon...