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  1. fmendez

    Will King waterstones sharpen CPMD2/S30V?

    Thanks, I already have diamond on balsa, you save me some money
  2. fmendez

    Customer Service

  3. fmendez

    Will King waterstones sharpen CPMD2/S30V?

    Not trying to take over but my question fits in; I have a few ShaptonG from 220, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000. I had acquired them over the years. Should I get the 8000 to achieve more polish? It will be for S35V, Elmax, S90 V. Thanks
  4. fmendez

    ZT Camp (with surprise dog appearance)

    Great family outing. Families that likes knifes enjoy the outdoors and have more fun!
  5. fmendez


    This week I'm carrying a small carbon fiber Insingo, the little tough guy was given a break.
  6. fmendez

    Thinking about switching to the small Sebenza.

    I prefer the small to the large for daily carry, it feels more practical, until the Inkosi came out which now, I carry 90% of the time
  7. fmendez

    Sebenza 21 question

    This^ and the fluoro lube for the inside, I mostly use the blue microfiber to wipe the blade and it also shows if the knife is sharp, the cloth shows the slashes after wiping
  8. fmendez

    shapton glass for sebenza sharpening

    That's what i thought. Thanks!
  9. fmendez

    shapton glass for sebenza sharpening

    I got gifted a set of Shapton compact (500 & 2000 grit) their size are nice for field use. Are they appropriate to sharpen CRK Inkosi with s-35vn steel at RC 59-60? Thanks
  10. fmendez

    Carry Options for Inkosi

    I down loaded them again, They should work now
  11. fmendez

    Micarta Insingo vs Plain?

  12. fmendez

    Small Sebenza 21: Clip Point vs Insingo

    I voted for the Insingo which I'm carrying today but it really does not matter. Recently I find myself carrying either an Insingo or the Inkosi
  13. fmendez

    The Zen of carrying a knife
  14. fmendez

    Any love for the CRK Tanto

    The store in the North got some lefties. I couldn't resist.
  15. fmendez

    Sticky Inkosi

    Got a lefty and been using it since receiving it. I wear large gloves and have stubby fingers and it feel very comfortable in hand without wearing gloves. The knife came very smooth and i carry it in my pocket on a sheath. I find it very practical for edc in a more civilized environment (...
  16. fmendez

    LH Inkosi and 25 Micarta

    My lefty Inkosi just arrived. I think it took longer to the east coast but the wait was worth it. I like the Inkosi small but tough and very useful for daily chores.
  17. fmendez

    LH Inkosi and 25 Micarta

    CongratS! The lh inkosis are coming out of the line
  18. fmendez

    LH Inkosi

    Will do, I was totally surprised when I got the call at work. Very nice lady and I even forgot my zip code.
  19. fmendez

    LH Inkosi

    Just got a call from Idaho (CRK) and they are shipping the lefty Inkosi I ordered in June. Happy New Year!