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    Take #1. …
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    [SOLD] GEC 33, 71

    I’ll give the 71 a go. …
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    CPK Light Chopper

    Nice score. I love my LC
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    Fiddleback, Osprey K&T

    OP updated with pictures. Thanks for the assistance and suggestions everyone :)
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    Fiddleback, Osprey K&T

    Anyone have suggestions on uploading images!!?? Tried on laptop and mobile device, but file size error message. Any guidance appreciated
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    Fiddleback, Osprey K&T

    Howdy All, A couple up for consideration. Moving in a different direction with some of my sharps. These blades are top notch in craftsmanship and are begging to be used, just not getting the love they deserve at the moment. Payment thru PayPal preferred, but could possibly make alternative...
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    Small 21 CF inlay Price drop!

    Some folks like to match manufacture date to relevant dates in their personal lives like a child's birthday, etc...
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    Fiddleback knife sale

    I think those are Bushfingers. Nevertheless, beautiful knives. GLWS
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    Looking to trade for a few Gossmans. Have some nice custom or high end production fixed and folders. Other kit available as well. If you’ve got any laying around you’d be willing to move, shoot me a pm. Thanks!
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    SOLD -- Carothers Field Knife w/ Delta 3V

    Excellent knife, excellent price. Kudos
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    Looking for a few Gossman blades. Open to all sizes and configuration. Users welcome. Specific interests include BBT’ers, particularly an 8”, Deer Creek, Tusker Companion, etc.. Have several high-end fixed and folders for trade fodder. Other gear and kit also available dependent on various...
  12. TXGatorbait

    06 pemberton-$60

    Back-up on the 06 if comes available
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    (SOLD) GEC 86 Oilfield Jack Oil Sucker Rod

    I’ll take this please. Email inbound
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    GEC Black Jack

    I’ll take this please
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    2 Delicas, SAK Farmer f/s

    Farmer please. PM incoming