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  1. EagleScouter

    Leaf spring knife or knives

    Making a blade out of a leaf spring is always a crapshoot, because it could be one of a variety of steels, each with their own HT procedure. It's probably best to grab some from a place like New Jersey Steel baron or Alpha Knife supply, cause you know what you're gonna get.
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    Rodent 4

    Replied, sold
  3. EagleScouter

    Rodent 4

    Up for sale is my Swamp Rat Rodent 4. Knife has been used and resharpened at 20 degrees per side. Still super sharp. Comes with Azwelke sheath and Tek-Lok. Asking SOLD. Thanks for looking!
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    ZT0801 S110V, Kershaw Brown Skyline 1760BRNCKT, Kershaw Turbulence 1790CKT

    A few things up for sale. First off is my ZT0801 in S110V, #386. Knife is uncarried and unused. Comes with box and paperwork. Asking $290. Next up is a Kershaw Skyline with Brown G10 and black DLC blade. Knife has been carried and used lightly. Still has sharp factory edge. Comes with...
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    From what I have observed, I must agree with OP. Karda has overstepped his boundaries, and in the process has lost any sense of impartial judgment, to the point that it is a detriment to certain paying members of the forum.
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    Anyone have their ZDP-189 blades rust?

    I have some light stain spots on a ZDP Dragonfly, most likely from pumpkin carving last Halloween (detail work ;)). I gave the blade a rinse afterwards, guess I simply wasn't thorough enough.
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    What Midtech/semi-custom folder should I get?

    They didn't make too many. But when they popup they're quite reasonable at ~$400. There was one for sale here last month. You just need to keep you eyes peeled. Tim also works for Kershaw and they make(made?) a production version (#1790) with the SpeedAssist. Obviously not the same...
  8. EagleScouter

    What Midtech/semi-custom folder should I get?

    No problem. I found some pictures of the one I owned and you can see they came in a different handle pattern as well. Stuff like the blade centering was spot on, and the IKBS bearings made it a super smooth flipper.
  9. EagleScouter

    What Midtech/semi-custom folder should I get?

    They have since been discontinued but the Tim Galyean Pro Series were great knives. I owned a Turbulence and it was a fantastic flipper with great F&F. :thumbup: The Turbulence The Lahar The Junkyard Dawg They popup every now and again.
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    Overbuilt custom folders. Brands, Pics!

    It ain't mine (wish it was :D) Andrew Demko is the designer of the Tri-Ad lock, which he has licensed to Cold Steel in addition to some design collaborations. Hence the similarities.
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    Zero Tolerance 0801S110V Limited Run

    Thanks for the correction. The Sebenza blades are stonewashed though, right? For some reason I thought they both were.
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    Zero Tolerance 0801S110V Limited Run

    As far as I know it will not. People have anodized Sebenza's to much success, and they are stonewashed as well. There are a couple members on the forum that will do custom anodizing for a fee. It would probably be less expensive than getting all the equipment to do it yourself. Try Maprik...
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    Drilling hardened steel?

    Couple things, what type of steel are you cutting? And what drill diameter? The formula for spindle speed is RPM=(3.82*(cutting speed in surface feet per minute))/cutter diameter The cutting speed is a function of material type and hardness. In general coolant or lubricant should be used in...
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    Zero Tolerance 0801S110V Limited Run

    You can heat anodize it with a blowtorch, although this will give a generally uneven coloration. The other process uses electricity, and is much more involved, but gives a uniform and more controllable color.
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    Zero Tolerance 0801S110V Limited Run

    Now there's a slick looking 0801! :thumbup:
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    Mr. Chuck Buck Health Update 02/04/2015

    RIP Chuck Buck, and condolences to the rest of the Buck family