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  1. EMT_Lee

    Peche Island 2014

    Nice pictures. The raccoon would make me pretty nervous...
  2. EMT_Lee

    story telling..tradition and survival skill. Campfires and creepy tales!

    I tried to do a thread like this years ago. Let me see if I can find it....
  3. EMT_Lee

    Buck 110 CPM154

    I've got a Buck 110 in Bos CPM154 for trade. I can't find the box, but it's never been used, held and looked at. Brown leather sheath with it. I'm open to offers. Maybe something like a Benchmade large grip, or a Surefire light.
  4. EMT_Lee

    Beware Md 25V Ripped Me Off!

    He said the rail is not bent, the holes are off-center. I'm not sure if people are just trying to give the OP a hard time or what, but this shouldn't be too difficult to follow.
  5. EMT_Lee

    What are the must have Spydercos' for your collection?

    Get a Tasman salt SE. Every collection should have a hawkbill.
  6. EMT_Lee

    Beware of jsmitty

    Did you ever file the mail fraud report?
  7. EMT_Lee

    Serrated Knife Purchase

    All H1 models are saber ground.
  8. EMT_Lee

    3 way trade, am I being a big baby?

    I've only done one, and Esav was one of the trading parties. Communication is key.
  9. EMT_Lee


    Mike is as real as they come. If you don't like his style, that's fine. But, you're missing out on a great guy and some damn fine knives. Real talk. ;)
  10. EMT_Lee


    If the blade has play when it's closed, then that means horizontal play? Probably just adjust the pivot, as was mentioned above.
  11. EMT_Lee

    Powder Mosaic Fighter

    I love it. Beautiful work. That butt-cap really sets the piece off, in my opinion.
  12. EMT_Lee

    when is the next Spyderco fixed blade comming out???

    Wait... Spyderco is doing a puukko?
  13. EMT_Lee

    Where I have been...

    Thanks for posting his wife's blog. Very informative. I like how he was so busy dealing with his Dad (and -not- making sheaths) that they had time/money to go on a beach vacation in July.
  14. EMT_Lee

    Any reviews on Spyderco Endura Wave?

    Spyderco uses a "real" wave, too. They're the only people I've seen actually giving credit to Emerson, and his patent number is right there on the blade. I own both, and trust me.. it's a real waved knife.
  15. EMT_Lee

    Strider won't answer my calls

    Yup. It's so simple, it's basically doesn't exist. ;)
  16. EMT_Lee

    just got my zt0350!!

    Man... these threads really make me want a ZT folder. One of these days, when I get some spare cash..
  17. EMT_Lee

    $ I-I i T for CHEAP! (UPDATED @ 2052 ON 14SEP11)

    I'll give you 15 bucks for the ying-yang tanto.
  18. EMT_Lee

    Marion poff - are you there ???

    And, yet... people continue to send him money.
  19. EMT_Lee

    Is this acceptable?

    Super Blue is not a stainless steel. It's going to change color with time and use. As for the P2, that would actually bother me, too. ETA: As for the post above, I've got production knives that are top-notch in fit and finish. The Caly3 in my pocket currently is damn near perfect. If you want...