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  1. JupiterPaladin

    Memorial GAW 2021

    I'll go ahead and enter for my grandson that I'm still waiting on in the hospital. He was born Tuesday morning. Obviously if selected the knife would be carried by me for a while, used together when he's old enough, then passed on.
  2. JupiterPaladin

    GAW * Winchester Black Box * GAW

    I'm in! Nice looking pattern that I haven't had yet!
  3. JupiterPaladin

    Newbie Hit With the Bug Big Time

    If you have a soldering iron, try putting the hot tip to the screws for a few seconds (maybe 5 or 6) before trying to break the Loctite. I learned a long time ago when dealing with adhesives of any kind, heat is your friend! Definitely some nice choices. And your assessment of Emerson...
  4. JupiterPaladin

    Found it...finally

    Glad you found your preferred style relatively quickly, and have a nice handful of quality blades to rotate carry with. I know I tried a lot of stuff to refine my preferred styles, but even at that, there's like 8 in my rotation all ideal for different types of stuff I might do. I gave up trying...
  5. JupiterPaladin

    Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? Giveaway! Winner Chosen!

    Please count me in as I missed the forum knife as always seems to happen :( I think the most memorable part of 2020 is how ridiculously busy I stayed considering how we were supposed to be shut down :eek:
  6. JupiterPaladin

    Photos Our ABC's - Join In! (All Knife Styles)

    E is for Eafengrow... Lol... Don't got any sorry :D:D:D:eek::oops:
  7. JupiterPaladin

    Photos Our ABC's - Join In! (All Knife Styles)

    Z is for ZT0566CF Finally got another after my mass knife exedous last spring. Just in time for Z day ;)
  8. JupiterPaladin

    Photos Our ABC's - Join In! (All Knife Styles)

    U is for Urban Trapper! My first quality knife that sent me down this rabbit hole! Thanks again @palonej this one is still one of my favorites ;)
  9. JupiterPaladin

    Fishin1635 online store ? And Varenik* - Ebay flippers

    I think the biggest issue here is that BladeForums is: A knife enthusiast discussion forum that happens to have an Exchange portion. It is NOT: A knife exchange site that just happens to contain some random knife talk. If a member has a $200 knife listed at $120 they are offering a service to...
  10. JupiterPaladin

    BF2020 Knife from Maniago Poll

    I'd say a single blade clip as well ;)
  11. JupiterPaladin

    Yimes is a great seller

    @Yimes is an honest dude and has always been pleasant in all my previous interactions with him. Always a man of his word!
  12. JupiterPaladin

    Gigi Sechi , Italy

    Those are some beautiful pieces! I definitely love whatever that copper bolster cleaver thing is? Living on that island must be fairly inspirational in and of itself. My maternal grandparents came from Roseto degli Abruzzi on the east coast of Italy. I always wondered what made them immigrate to...
  13. JupiterPaladin

    Box-o-Knives Giveaway #23

    Very awesome to see it's still chugging along and with a nice variety to boot!
  14. JupiterPaladin

    My first & gateway knife - Ganzo Firebird F759M

    Not sure what may have been hypocritical in my statement but sure. I was mindful enough to ask if he was even interested in suggestions since he may not care about that. But since you asked, given his location, Bestech and Civivi are 2 solid budget options.
  15. JupiterPaladin

    Do you guys play video games?

    Have you played GTA 5? I found the controls very intuitive. I went from NES, Genesis, and SNES to taking a 20 year break from any newer consoles then got a Wii and PS3 so I definitely never used a controller like that until recently.
  16. JupiterPaladin

    My first & gateway knife - Ganzo Firebird F759M

    You don't get it since you weren't here when all that went down. Many people have an issue with that and don't buy Benchmade.
  17. JupiterPaladin

    My first & gateway knife - Ganzo Firebird F759M

    The only important question here, does @KCCO *want* guidance to a different purchase? The main thing to understand here, BladeForums is an enthusiast forum that does care about ethics and all that jazz. There are plenty of other knife groups that just like any old knife regardless and will...