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    Clearing the stash sale - GEC, S&M, Boker, Case, Lionsteels too

    Have a whole bunch of knives to move. Open to trades - just let me know what you have. Not looking for anything in particular. Usual BF rules, please claim in in this thread. All prices are paypal G&S (but please leave comments blank, just in case). No knives were harmed with flitz in the...
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    Attention Well, what form should our BF Forum knife's bone handles take for 2021??

    I voted smooth. Blue (camel?) would be my first choice but ivory is more than acceptable. If saw cut wins, more than happy with that as well. I tend not to like the light/bright colors that show through like pink, orange, and red, but elderberry or browns are very nice and classy. And- no brass...
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    Attention Handle Material for the 2021 BF knife!! 1st Poll

    I'm easy. I voted wood, and think ebony, ironwood, or any of the other suggestions would would look good (just not sawcut). Bone is pulling way ahead - and I can definitely live with that too. All the renderings so far with bone have looked really good. Even the sawcut bone, like the original...
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    seriously beautiful knife. I was this close...
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    Modern Lambsfoot?

    Thank you for this great idea. Can't wait to get one. One benefit to using the swayback frame (and screw construction) - you can mix and match scales in case the new run of lambsfoot does not have your preferred material. Prefer horn? check. Amboyna burl? check. carbon fiber or micarta? check.
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    pm sent -edit - I'll take it please per our PM
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    Which thumb nail do you use to open your slip-joint?

    Very nice to know it is not just me. When I started in traditionals, I had a moment of doubt where I thought I was opening them incorrectly:oops: For knives that have a stronger pull (even 6-7), I hold the nick with my left nail, blade pointing down. And I use my right hand to pivot the...
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    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    Looks perfect. Thank you. Definitely getting one (or two if allowed).
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    Northwoods & Canal Street SOLD!

    Unlikely seconds on the canal street please. Hoping this becomes available.
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    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    I think there should be a big marking on the blade - rather than say "Northfield," it says "Not for resale":D
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    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    First off, I plan to get any forum knife. Second - I want to recognize some of the dealers who have helped bring previous versions to us, @knifeswapper and @waynorth. I am a recent convert to traditional knives - and it seems more are interested than ever? As such, I do wonder if we would have...
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    SOLD PRICE REDUCED Case Barlow Signalprick Edition

    Tried to pm you a question, but it would not go through. Just checking that spring is flush and pull is smooth? If so, I'll take it please.
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    Slipjoints - custom, modern and traditional - Price Drop

    Updated prices on remaining knives. All offers considered - including trades.