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    Is the kykeon drink from the Iliad and the Odyssey related to tsampa?

    Apparently kykeon contained barley, cheese, honey, and wine. Below a historian cooks raw barley like oatmeal to make a recreation, which he can’t choke down. Several grain based drinks around the world use a parched flour as the base. Consider the pinole made by the Tarahumara from parched...
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    Father and sister

    Welcome back!
  4. Howard Wallace

    Cliff Stamp Has Passed Away

    Happy trails, Cliff.
  5. Howard Wallace

    In memory of

    Happy trails Cliff.
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    Sisno and ningrok springtime appearances

    Edit: Ok, I’m just getting used to the new forum software. The quotes above are messed up.
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    Prayers for Lonni and Al

    Smoke up.
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    Nettle soup special

    Here is a basic recipe. Will update if we get more detailed Nepalese recipes. The HI Cantina Cookbook Nettles are up in the PNW. Red Flower and I just finished putting up our year’s supply.
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    Nepal trip

    May they have a safe journey.
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    Sisno and ningrok springtime appearances

    Click the hot links on the names for links to the cookbook. Or you can try to tease more recipes from the HI crew.
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    Sisno and ningrok springtime appearances

    If you’re up for some backcountry Nepalese cuisine ningrok and sisno are making their springtime appearance here in the PNW, and elsewhere in their range. The sisno is in its prime when young, later developing cystolyths that make it less savory, although that didn’t stop Milarepa from...
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    Uncle Bill and Rusty Memorial day

    Two unique beings who left this plane within hours of each other. Honored to be living with the echoes they left behind them.
  13. Howard Wallace

    Farm Knife and Farmcata uses?
  14. Howard Wallace

    The Khukri, by John Powell

    If you go to the HI Khukuri FAQ and scroll all the way to the bottom. There is a list of old FAQ pages that were not incorporated into an update. In that list are 7 pages of pictures of John’s collection.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Best wishes to all the forumites for the holidays and for the New Year!
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    Anil and Lachhu Karda

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    Yvsa Flute Music

    I had a cassette tape of Yvsa’s flute music. Quite beautiful and inspiring.
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    Radiation treatment starts October 19th

    Good to hear! Take care and enjoy the view.
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    Mystery tool from Lapland

    Might work for that but my first thought would be to use the knife. Small tool might give some better control and make a smaller hole in the hide. A variation on this was suggested above, and this seems the most likely use to me. Knife might be needed (gutting, filleting, hook removal) while...