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  1. john april

    Persian Kard

    nice one ! love the handle carving.
  2. john april

    Thickness of leather sheath welt?

    i use 7-10 oz for welts. 7 for small knives, 10 for larger ones.
  3. john april

    bedding tangs

    all of my hidden tangs are pinned thru the handle, so i was never concerned with getting all the vaseline out. i dont depend on the epoxy for a mechanical bond or strength. its just a spacer. i consider the epoxy i put between the guard and handle during final assembly enough of a sealant to...
  4. john april

    bedding tangs

    hmmm, kyle royer uses it. for me it works better than mineral oil, but i have not tried wax yet. how long you wait depends on the cure speed of the epoxy. i mix up a little extra epoxy so there will be some left in the paper cup. about 2 hours later, i poke at the epoxy in the cup with a...
  5. john april

    80CrV2 and Micarta Trail Knife

    excellent :thumbsup:
  6. john april

    80CrV2 Subhilt Bowie

    truly gorgeous ! the copper goes great with the white. and that belt frog... :thumbsup:
  7. john april

    80CrV2 War Blade

    nice handle curves :)
  8. john april

    "Fractures Embrace" Bladeshow 2021 Dagger

    jawdropping execution !
  9. john april

    Hybrid Hunter

    excellent work again :thumbsup:
  10. john april

    Bog Oak Ti Fighter

    excellent use of textures !
  11. john april

    Small helper

    nice style :thumbsup:
  12. john april

    Swept Fighter in CPM-Magnacut and cocobolo

    looks great matt !
  13. john april

    Collectors: What makes you want to collect a maker's work?

    i follow the crowd lol. other than that i choose what i like purely by looks.
  14. john april

    Darkening stainless

    awesome. :thumbsup:
  15. john april

    Long bladed puukkoknive.

    well done :thumbsup:
  16. john april


    delightful !
  17. john april

    Drop point in 52100

    lookin good :thumbsup:
  18. john april

    Steel Shortage/ price increase

    i checked the steel baron website, seems to be about 90% up from last year. i think every business in the world is going to go thru the same thing eventually.
  19. john april


    nice wrapping, your diamonds are looking more consistent. :thumbsup: