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  1. marrenmiller

    My kid needs his first pocket knife

    You do you :thumbsup:
  2. marrenmiller

    My kid needs his first pocket knife

    A Spyderco lock back would be pretty good. I've had some that were a bit stiff, so I guess it would depend on the specific model. I like your recommendation of an endura. I think those are pretty good lock backs.
  3. marrenmiller

    My kid needs his first pocket knife

    I wouldn't give a child a non-locking folder, as they are likely going to do something dangerous with the knife given enough time with it. Back/mid locks are safe, but can require a lot of force to disengage and might snap shut on their fingers. After giving it some thought, I think an axis lock...
  4. marrenmiller

    Kershaw Leek opened in my pocket and stabbed me.

    I noticed that the scallions I've handled were also prone to this issue. The lock is more of a necessity on these folders than on any others I've owned.
  5. marrenmiller

    Bad grinds on new Benchmade Mini Adamas

    Ask them to ship you an unsharpened blade, lol. I've never tried it but maybe they could just let you put your own edge on it, considering how bad theirs are anyway.
  6. marrenmiller

    Priced to sell brown, curtiss, we, reate...

    I'll take the Synergy, if it's still available.
  7. marrenmiller

    hinderer xm24 skinny black dlc

    I'm interested. What are the marks on the show side of the blade?
  8. marrenmiller

    Benchmade Auto axis lock mechanism won’t re-lock

    Well, if it were me, I'd take it apart and see if there's anything obviously out of place or broken, but I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to. Automatic knives can be a PITA to ship to OEMs, as I understand it, so I'd exhaust all of my other options before exercising that one.
  9. marrenmiller

    Benchmade Auto axis lock mechanism won’t re-lock

    I realized that afterwards, hence my earlier edit.
  10. marrenmiller

    Benchmade Auto axis lock mechanism won’t re-lock

    Check that there's nothing keeping the axis lock bar from traveling forward when closing the blade, like pocket lint or dirt or whatever on the blade tang. Also, pictures would help everyone diagnose what's wrong here. Edit: I didn't understand that it's a DA. This might be more problematic...
  11. marrenmiller

    Testing Knives

    IIRC the lionsteel knife they had performed like garbage and everyone said they were making things up, so I can't blame them for publicizing it. They don't owe Lionsteel or CK anything and I personally wouldn't buy one of those knives after seeing how badly they continue to perform. They're...
  12. marrenmiller

    Right Now!

    I'll lend my vote to the new Cruwear Adamas. I have the full sized version and it fixed every complaint I had with the original model. It's thinner, lighter, more contoured and comfortable, and has a blade steel that actually makes sense for its intended application (ingot D2 is not tough and I...
  13. marrenmiller

    Testing Knives

    Gotta love that because of the lionsteel shuffler incident with Rockwell hardness being incorrectly or inconsistently measured, so many are quick to completely throw out that testing group's findings. Nevermind that the rest of their results seem in line with expectations (nobody questions 69...
  14. marrenmiller

    Why would my Benchmade knife have such poor edge retention?

    Learn to sharpen your own knives with a stone/strop and don't let people put edges on yours with belt sanders. Belt sanders are fast but take a lot of steel off your knife and heat up the edge, which will result in crappy edge retention. Don't send it to Benchmade either, as they sharpen with a...
  15. marrenmiller

    Is It Worth It to Customize a Benchmade?

    I did it and mine had a some bad QC issues. For the money, I'd say it's not worth it unless it's the only possible way to get exactly what you want. Even then, you should understand that you can pay $350 for a Benchmade and still have the same QC as one of their entry level models. Nowadays if...
  16. marrenmiller

    Ad10 clip question

    Screw cutters are extremely cheap, so you might try that. Vise Grip wire strippers have a screw cutting function that works surprisingly well and they're $10 on Amazon, plus are useful for electrical work.
  17. marrenmiller


    I'm waiting to see some edge retention and hardness tests to see if they're really going balls out on the heat treatment, but this is good to hear.
  18. marrenmiller


    What seems to be common with Benchmade knives is having undersized pivots or oversized pivot holes. If you can push/pull your blade towards/away from the pivot itself when the blade is in a position between open and closed, then that's going to result in some play even when it's locked up...
  19. marrenmiller

    Question: Carbon Fiber Handle with voids?

    I've done a good amount of work with carbon fiber and study on composites in general, and I agree with @OrangeBlueOrangeBlue here. Voids are going to be caused by the production process, and for carbon fiber composites voids are going to be a bit more common than on other materials. If they...