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  1. Scott Hanson

    Persian Kard

    Very nice looking knife, you’ve got a lot elbow grease into this one.
  2. Scott Hanson

    7 blades on the bench.

    Thanks Mack, I appreciate it.
  3. Scott Hanson

    7 blades on the bench.

    Got the blades back from the heat treater, guards are all soldered on and handles ready to be glued and pinned. I apologize in advance my shop photos with the poor lighting aren't worth a hill a beans but here they are.
  4. Scott Hanson

    Pocket Blades

    I disagree, they are custom knives all the way. Each one unique and individual, coming from only one maker. That's just my two cents FWIW.
  5. Scott Hanson

    Hybrid Hunter

    Another great looking knife Tim!
  6. Scott Hanson

    "Fractures Embrace" Bladeshow 2021 Dagger

    That is an incredible piece of art work right there!
  7. Scott Hanson

    Edc SharpFinger in Aeb-l

    Very nice knife Jack.
  8. Scott Hanson

    Quillon Dagger

    Beautiful job on this knife, everything looks perfect!
  9. Scott Hanson

    80CrV2 Subhilt Bowie

    I think this is my new favorite knife from you, fantastic work all the way!
  10. Scott Hanson

    cutoff saw??

    My new saw for cutting blade stock. I bought this a while back and it was one of the best investments I've made for my shop. This saw is a beast, it makes real short work of anything I put in it.
  11. Scott Hanson

    80CrV2 and Micarta Trail Knife

    Great looking knife and sheath as usual Marc.
  12. Scott Hanson

    Utility knife in Crucible Laminate and Goncalo Alves

    Very nice looking knife and sheath.
  13. Scott Hanson

    San Mai Hunter/Skinner Set. **SOLD**

    Excellent work as always!
  14. Scott Hanson

    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    Kind of a Scagel style knife, I've made a few of them in my
  15. Scott Hanson

    First blood Lile style knife, with handmade D2 blade

    This thread is 8 years old, please do not resurrect old threads. Thread closed.
  16. Scott Hanson

    Custom & Handmade Hammers

    Probably not what you're looking for here, but this is one I made for my shop and the one I use to peen all my knife handle pins with. Two different size faces to get into tight areas when peening pins in the irregular areas in stag.
  17. Scott Hanson

    Mark Kee has passed away

    Sorry to hear this, smoke and prayers sent.
  18. Scott Hanson

    7 blades on the bench.

    Things are starting to come along, I got the spacers done, now for the rest of the handle parts.
  19. Scott Hanson

    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    I just ordered a bar of steel from one of the suppliers here in the US and I paid $34.60 for standard shipping. Prices for everything are going to get a lot worse, that much you can count on.