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  1. Matt_WY

    Show off your GEC Acrylics

    A couple recent acquisitions. Beautiful collection @rockgolfer! Wish GEC would get back to some of these acrylic offerings.
  2. Matt_WY

    John DF's September Slip GAW

    I’m in, thanks John!
  3. Matt_WY

    What is your opinion of Tuna Valley?

    Thanks John, I had the R in my head but could only come up with Remington which I knew was incorrect.
  4. Matt_WY

    What is your opinion of Tuna Valley?

    I have noticed that a lot with their stag. I like fitted stag that is fairly uniform in thickness. The company seems to like very chunky stag that tapers towards the bolster. Here is a production photo of what they are calling the Old Man Norman barlow. I do like the stamped bolster, but...
  5. Matt_WY

    Guess whose birthday is today?

    Happy Birthday Charlie! Have a fantastic day!
  6. Matt_WY

    Jack Wolf Knives - The Wolf Den

    Ben, sorry to see your progress being brought to a bit of a halt. Best of luck moving ahead, I’m still looking forward to seeing Jack Wolf Knives in production.
  7. Matt_WY

    GEC #86 2021: Angus Jack, 2AB, Spring Street Barlow (BF Knife)

    Wow, beautiful medium rare and well done examples posted, crest shield looks great....I even like the etch.
  8. Matt_WY

    Case using 1095?

    Thanks for posting John, I've been waiting to see these trappers out in the real world. Its funny the company photos for these knives show the gaps and off-centered blades we've all grown accustomed to seeing. You would think they would pick through some boxes and find a prime example, but...
  9. Matt_WY

    Lets talk GEC!

    Very cool. We knew a barlow was coming, the stamped bolster is a plus.
  10. Matt_WY

    CK Exclusive: Fox Cutlery "Recoil" Gunstock

    Been carrying this one since it’s arrival. I do like the lava carbon fiber. Overall solid construction, easily pinchable, nice action, sharp from the factory, my only complaint would be slight uneven transitions between the handle material and bolsters.
  11. Matt_WY

    Remington Prospector 2021 Baby Bullet Discussion and Picture Thread

    Great looking knives. They are pricey, possibly GEC up charged to produce them and that cost is being passed on. But I imagine they’ll be like the 97s, be available for a while, eventually selling out, than becoming more desirable. But I don’t think you’ll see any discount in price.
  12. Matt_WY

    Bullet Shields Only - All Manufacturers Welcome

    Beautiful Remington Charlie, the jigging is incredible.
  13. Matt_WY

    Bullet Shields Only - All Manufacturers Welcome

    Really is a great shield, currently my only bullet shield is on this 44, but I do have a Remington on order.
  14. Matt_WY

    John DF's August Slip GAW

    I’m in John, appreciate the opportunity!
  15. Matt_WY

    Lets talk GEC!

    Damn, I was thinking 750 was a huge run.
  16. Matt_WY

    Lets talk GEC!

    If I remember correctly, Joan Mae from GEC stated it was a run of 750 knives.
  17. Matt_WY

    A copper Handled Slipjoint

    Fantastic work by both of you, that turned out great.
  18. Matt_WY

    Dogs and traditional knives

    Great posts, love seeing everyones dogs. Here’s our beautiful boys. Cooper on the left and Mr Whiskey on the right are rescue dogs. Mateo in the middle was inherited from our son when he went off to college. Hard to get these three to stand still for a knife photo, so this separate picture...