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  1. TravisH

    Tenacious Lightweight in S35VN!?!?

    I'm thinking ... Blade Swap! 👍
  2. TravisH

    Recommendation? Sharpener

    I luv my Sharpmaker but, IMO, it really needs the CBN or Diamond rods to be truly versatile. Repair or reprofile work is difficult and time consuming without them and nearly impossible with any "super steel". For a newbie, I would recommend the Lansky Diamond Turn Box TB-2D2C with 2 diamond and...
  3. TravisH

    Cleaning ceramic stones

    I use the Staedtler white hipolymer erasers for a quick cleanup of my ceramic rods. But, for a thorough cleaning, I use Blue Scotchbrite pads and Dawn dishwashing soap on all my rods and stones, ceramic, diamond, whatever.
  4. TravisH

    (7) (ALL SOLD) ZT, Spyderco, Hogue, Benchmade

    I'll take the Houge Mini Ritter for $100.
  5. TravisH

    BK9 Question

    That's a very collectable Desert BK7! :thumbsup: Again, I'd sell that Camillus and get a newer Kabar laser-etched BK to make your own.
  6. TravisH

    BK9 Question

    Used or not, most Camillus BK9's have some collector value, especially the sand-n-brown ones. Got the matching sheath, box, and papers? $$$ If *I* were going to mod a BK9, I'd sell the Camillus and get a newer Kabar with laser-etched logos. And then use some of the leftover Camillus-money to...
  7. TravisH

    Hogue Deka clip

    Hogue makes deep carry clips for some of their other models with the same hole pattern. I'd given them a call.
  8. TravisH

    Has the Spyderco Manix 2 XL been discontinued???

    The Spyderco website just says it's "Out of Stock". If an item has been discontinued, it will usually say "Discontinued" right below "Out of Stock". They've never been 'cheap' in comparison and, with such a limited production run, they usually sell out immediately. Check out the Spyderco...
  9. TravisH

    What is This Tool

    Digging bar with spade end. Long handled parang.
  10. TravisH

    M390 vs D2. Is it worth it?

    FYI ... the Boker GoBag is available from US dealers. I too have a couple of fixed blades in D2 and have no issues with it doing what I need. As to cost, as already mentioned, it's not the steel that's 5x more but the knives. Comparing the Boker GoBag and Viper Berus 1, IMO 'yes', it is...
  11. TravisH

    Spyderco Chaparral CF, Raffir, & FRN All Sold

    Would've been all 3 if I'd seen it 30 minutes earlier. :p
  12. TravisH

    Spyderco Chaparral CF, Raffir, & FRN All Sold

    I'll take both the CF and FRN. PM sent.
  13. TravisH

    K390 vs Maxamet

    As I recall, Sal said that the CBN rods used a different process to bind the CBN particles to the rods which enabled them to hold longer than the Diamond rods. I've been using the same CBN rods for a few years of light reprofiling of ZDP-189 and S110V without issue.
  14. TravisH

    My first Spyderco

    Excellent! :thumbsup: The Native is one of my favs and the largest in my EDC rotation.
  15. TravisH

    Best 2.5 inch knife?

    Lots of great recommendations so far, especially the ZT22 and William Henry B-5. :thumbsup: But, since you've got a Spydy theme going with the PM2 and Manix, the Spyderco Lil' Native with Compression Lock in S30V or Rex45 would seem to be the logical progression.
  16. TravisH

    Who has a Modified Tanto Ka-Bar?

    It's probably more a naming convention. The 1266 is a modified version of the 1245 "Tanto" hence the name "Modified Tanto".
  17. TravisH

    Who has a Modified Tanto Ka-Bar?

    Don't forget to ask the Krew on the Kabar subforum ... I really like the looks of the 1266 and might consider getting one if I didn't already have the 8" Kabar Becker BK5.
  18. TravisH

    Which Spydie?

    Spyderco Lil' Native There are many Dealers here that will typically have knives In-Stock while the Spyderco store as none. Check out the list - Plus many more online.
  19. TravisH

    Spyderco *PRICE DROPS* All sold

    I'll take the UKPK Hennie Hayes. PM sent.