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    Flipper fumble

    This. Not all knives are equal. Some definitely are more prone to the death grip. For me, the ZT 0452cf is a clear example. The detent on the thing doesnt help. The person plays into this as well. We dont all hold knives the same. Some of us happen to grip knives in a place where we might put...
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    Quartermaster factory

    I thought the same. Haven’t seen a new knife from them in years. I just assumed they got laughed out of the industry
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    i need a new folder

    I second a Kershaw Knockout if you decide to stick with Kershaw. Not to knock the Blur, but I’ve felt the Knockout was an improved Blur.
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    No love for SS Spydies?

    I have to also agree that at this point in time, Stainless handled Spydies are on the old school side. There is still a lot to like about them. They are still as solid as they ever were.
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    My digits dont like flippers

    If all else fails, close the knife with the opening facing up so that you are pushing the spine upward to close.
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    Recommendation? Getting started with Cold Steel

    You will like the Leatherneck Tanto in D2. I feel it is a step closer to the more expensive tantos than the Recon Tanto while still being on the affordable side. Definitely worth owning alongside your Recon Tanto. It is an absolute beast vs the refinement of say a Magnum Tanto II. And of...
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    knife thongs

    I’ve come across several knives in my time with absolutely horrible clips that for whatever reason made drawing the knife absolutely impossible. These knives absolutely need a lanyard. But outside this, I’ve found lanyards to just be in the way. I have tried it several times because I wanted to...
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    Announcing the NEW 15080BK-191 Gold Class Crooked River!

    There are full customs from respectable knife makers with comparable materials for less
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    What Para 3 LW Sprint/Exclusives do we want to see?

    Non-Poo colored Zome
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    St. Nick’s Native 4V exclusive and some gripes

    I get what you’re saying. The problem is that it is perceived demand vs scarcity that determines that value in the third party market. And at the end of the day, it is the resellers grabbing a big chunk of the stock that creates that scarcity. If Spyderco charges that perceived value right off...
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    Lansky system thoughts.

    The Lansky system will get your knife sharp. But if you need more precise angles and to get those angles more easily, you may want to look elsewhere
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    Why is lock failure even a topic?

    Ironically, the worst cut I ever had was from a Kershaw Freefall while trying to close it. I failed in fighting the speedsafe and my finger slipped and it flew back open. With nowhere to go, my finger naturally went up against the blade edge and blood everywhere.
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    Why is lock failure even a topic?

    I think it is a perception of folding knives that will always exist. There will just always be that fear of one folding on your fingers. That said, spine whacking is stupid and should void warranties.
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    St. Nick’s Native 4V exclusive and some gripes

    Let me explain. Lets say Spyderco did what you suggest and raises prices on these sprint runs. Like you said, they wouldn’t be leaving money on the table. But when resellers see that the resale margin is low and not worth their time, they stop buying. So there is plenty of stock for those who...
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    St. Nick’s Native 4V exclusive and some gripes

    I’ve seen this exact thing done in other collector markets. The companies wanted a bigger cut of the resale market. Turns out when you do this, resellers stop buying and companies are forced to stop making. The demand resellers create is what drives companies like spyderco to poduce more limited...
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    Why Ganzo?

    Bottom line is you have added nothing to the debate. You should have just searched Ganzo for answers as to why your views are misguided. Would have saved everyone a whole lot of time.
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    Why Ganzo?

    By the laws of Ganzo supporters, yes. Apparently its fair game.
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    Why Ganzo?

    Only if you put your name on it
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    Why Ganzo?

    So because Ganzo isn’t directly competing with the knives it steals designs from and that it is unfair that some American knives cost $1000, it’s ok for them to steal designs? I’m sure even you think that sounds like nonsense when hearing it straight. That said, Ganzo has been moving to original...
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    Zero Tolerance Current/Upcoming/Discontinued Models

    *cough* I already admitted as much.