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  1. Freedom Pullo

    Shirogorov Neon UL Elmax and Millit Torrent S90V

    Payment sent on the Torrent, thank you
  2. Freedom Pullo

    DLT Commence the guessing

    Action is great for a Taichung Frame lock, blade drops shut but the pocket clip placement over the lanyard hole is off enough to mention. This was taken from directly above with an iphone (aligned)
  3. Freedom Pullo

    DLT Commence the guessing

    I am still hung up on the blasted titanium frame lock paired with a shiny steel liner on the G10 side. They do not match and it looks out of place.
  4. Freedom Pullo

    DLT Commence the guessing

    These are still available, they did not sell out.
  5. Freedom Pullo

    Photos Nothing But BUSSE & 'KIN Pics- Part III NO CHATTING

    I have ever had a mail call like this one, I believe it is a BBSHII AKA “Humpback Steel Heart” were these A2? Also looks like green and black canvas?
  6. Freedom Pullo

    All sold, thanks bf!

    Seconds on the military
  7. Freedom Pullo

    Both SOLD Spyderco Nirvana and Spartan Hardey Ladies of Freedom

    Two great knives, I’m am the second owner of both but I am passing along two that I just haven’t been able to carry. Action shots First up is the Nirvana, beautiful knife, second owner, I opened some mail with it but it has been living in my safe ever since . Only asking enough to keep myself...
  8. Freedom Pullo

    3 for sale: INFI, Z-Wear, 3V

    great score on the NMSFNO
  9. Freedom Pullo

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Cheburkov Killer Whale, this BIG flipper carries really well for its size.
  10. Freedom Pullo

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Does the tang on the Hudson have a detent ramp?
  11. Freedom Pullo

    Fiddleback User Pics New to me, just needed flitz and a few passes on a strop. I always thought that the Ladyfinger would be too slender for XL hands but it has a nice palm swell and is very comfortable.
  12. Freedom Pullo

    Many Spyderco Sprints, Zero Tolerance, and Benchmades, Shaman Z-wear

    It was an accident but “Yolo” gets used on Reddit as another way of saying “I’ll take it”