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    Your newest addition:traditionals of course!

    I received my R&R copperhead cinnamon bone stag with Damascus blades this morning . I was really impressed with the pattern on the blades . And the cinnamon bone stag is gorgeous . There was a problem though the clip point blade had no edge ground on it and the tip had been rounded . The other...
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    Review Fairbairn-Sykes William Rodgers ?

    That is the 3 pattern fairburn and Sykes that pattern was manufactured by William Rogers in 1943 . And they've made that pattern ever since . So be really hard to give it a date of manufacture . Is it a Sheffield fairbairn and Sykes I would say yes . Was it used in the second world war I...
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    Best Bushcraft Knife For $90-$110

    The bushcrafter 111 from real steel in D2 with scandi grind . Definitely worth a look at :)
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    "Virtual" Blade Show?

    In my opinion I doubt it would work . The hole point to the shows is the atmosphere the verbal interactions with the stall holders .and to touch assess and scrutinise the products . To be able to go to the stalls that interests you and avoid the ones that don't . For me this is what the shows...
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    You only know you lover her when you let her go

    You only know you love her when you let her go . These song lyrics got me thinking . Have you every had that knife that you really thought nothing much about . So you gave it away or sold it or lost it and Instantly regretted it ? What was the knife or knives . Did you get it back or replace it...
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    The ever controversial Musso Bowie knife

    I think Phil Collins can afford it ;):)
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    The ever controversial Musso Bowie knife

    This is just my opinion and thoughts on the mater . There are a lot of story's some true some fake that surrounding the legend of the Alamo . The the whole truth about what happened that day at the Alamo have been lost in time . As for the knife it's self I would of thought it would of be looted...
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    Recommendation? I need a knife

    If you are looking for something in the budget range . The marttiini or hultafors might be a good choice for you .
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    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Thanks jack . Though I have had both these knives for a long time . I hadn't realised how good they looked together :)