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    How many lemons does BRKT need to accept that something is wrong?

    I still have my Aurora and Liten Bror....even after a less then favorable expirence. It doesent mean everything the man has ever sold is junk. He has some bad business practices which will keeping me from owning another, doesnt mean you run to the safe with a blowtorch
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    How many lemons does BRKT need to accept that something is wrong?

    Becuse the new customer doesent also want to be treated like a jerk ? If I have a problem with a product, my first step is contacting the owner/maker/dealer/Etc.. In my case that occured on his forum, the one Mike encourages his customers to use. I think in a public forum would be the place a...
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    What's your rig to get out there?

    Weird thing is I keep getting flats in my fleet Oh I should mention its all about love with subaru's
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    Condor Golok or Condor Parang?

    Same Got both, I cut down the parang 3" or so I have grown to prefer the golok, I think given your needs your would find the same
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    How many lemons does BRKT need to accept that something is wrong?

    No disrespect, your comment leads me to believe you didn’t read my post. The knife was exchanged. No hard feelings, it was long………… Well. I must have missed something along the way. I read the rules to begin with, read them again, cant seem to find what you...
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    How many lemons does BRKT need to accept that something is wrong?

    Ok its story time, So some time ago it a not so distant place I became all sorts of enthralled with the convex edge. I naturally found Bark River Knife and Tool. I found all these options and styles, super steels nice sheaths and thought I had died and landed in the land of knife heaven...
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    Need to strop all bushknives?

    I do, becuse I prefer convex edges to begin with
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    Favorite grind?

    exactly what he said !
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    Most Comfortable Handle..............

    BRKT Aurora, Liten Bror
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    a couple of questions about Tramontina machetes

    The hardwood they use is pretty dam durable and light. Sand it and finish them, good to go
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    Want to buy a knife for a marine

    Bark River Bravo 1
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    What Machete?

    Tramotina, Condor and Onterio........
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    Anyone ever 'regressed' where steels are concerned?

    Ok Really.............a knife journal ? I can hear those reviting entries, "Dear Diary, things didnt go well today, chipped another one..." Anyways, I find the diference between the steels at the top to be pretty minimal. I tend to like O1 and A2 for work blades, edc with stainless...
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    Bushcraft Knife $65 Cap

    What does bushcraft mean to you ? This buzz term has been overused to describe any outdoor activity. $65 doesent get you far.......becker ?
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    Benchmade axis lock FAIL!

    mechanical things break, dont matter whos name is on it...... The real test of a company is how they stand behind thier product, im my past dealing with BM you wont have a single problem there
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    Ranking various high-quality steels?

    I put alot of stock in the heat treat, but thats been played before The "best" I own is CPM3V, seems awesome
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    Trouble Sharpening Condor Golok-Too Hard?

    My belt grinder 2x42 didn't seem to mind........ Reprofiled in about 20 minutes