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  1. BruiseLeee

    Any Old-Timers stop by?

    I've been dead for years. I come by here on occasion when I get bored of haunting people.
  2. BruiseLeee

    Smoke Needed for my Old Man

    :( .
  3. BruiseLeee

    Help a khukrically challenged guy sharpen a khukuri.

    I think that was the main thing I did wrong the last times I tried sharpening. I don't recall anyone mentioning not applying too much pressure so I pressed down fairly hard. "after all, I was reshaping steel" :o Maybe I wasn't listening. I dug up an old HI knife. I don't remember what...
  4. BruiseLeee

    Help a khukrically challenged guy sharpen a khukuri.

    Thanks for the link. There certainly is some good info there. There are some fine detail questions I have that I may have missed or weren't in those threads. Everyone has their own favorite set of items for sharpening. I asked about sharpening years ago and someone said get a loupe. I...
  5. BruiseLeee

    Help a khukrically challenged guy sharpen a khukuri.

    I've owned khukuries for a couple of years. However, my ability to sharpen one or any other knife is "less than optimal". I can sharpen a knife enough to hack my way through a block of aged cheddar cheese (not that soft medium stuff), but when it comes to slicing well my performance isn't...
  6. BruiseLeee

    Any Old-Timers stop by?

    Are you still luring people out to the woods and cooking them in your Dutch Oven?
  7. BruiseLeee

    Any Old-Timers stop by?

    Anyone heard from Munk?
  8. BruiseLeee

    Any Old-Timers stop by?

    The internet has come up with a term for that. I think it's called "trolling". I haven't seen that puppet picture in years. Such a youthful finger. Look at that smooth soft, wrinkle free skin. I'm suprised you saved it. The saying that everything you post on the internet is forever. I'm...
  9. BruiseLeee

    Any Old-Timers stop by?

    Maybe we should change the thread name to Steely's thread of Kudos and Subtle abuse. His post goes... blah blah blah bruise. then This place needs seasoned and learned gentlebeings of experience like you (Kismet) and Berk. :( I'm neither seasoned nor well versed in knife lore. The first...
  10. BruiseLeee

    Any Old-Timers stop by?

    Somehow I'm still alive. Still learning how to sharpen too. :(
  11. BruiseLeee great friend and shining light...has walked West.

    :( A man with a wealth of knowledge and the generosity to share it. I learned a lot from him.
  12. BruiseLeee

    woman help! what is a good aftershave?

    I'm too late to offer advice. :( I'd use cookie dough. Women might not like it, but I'd think you smelled good.
  13. BruiseLeee

    How come?

    Itching is the true "poor man's" hobby. If you can't afford a TV and don't work you just sit around and scratch. It's pretty natural. :rolleyes:
  14. BruiseLeee

    One gorkha against 40 train robbers

    Saw it linked on a blog thing and figured it might be appreciated... Don't know if it's true, but a good read nonetheless. “They started snatching jewelry, cell phones, cash, laptops and other belongings from...
  15. BruiseLeee

    It's Time! :D

    Looks like me. :D
  16. BruiseLeee

    Video: Ron Meekins, Bando Kukri Master

    I remember a similar technique from my Grenade-fu class for use with those potato masher grenades used in WWII. One blocks the stick with the grenade while simultaneously pulling the pin. I was told it was developed for Adolf's Kamikaze regiment. It's one of those super secret techniques that...
  17. BruiseLeee

    Don't try this at home (R-rated for kukri violence)

    Can I post my insect beheading videos? :confused:
  18. BruiseLeee

    Boot camp photos (khuks included)

    They're so tough, they use their khukuris for q tips.
  19. BruiseLeee

    Yvsa's Home !!!

    . :)
  20. BruiseLeee

    Got My Surgery Date Today.....

    . :)