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    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    Mora, Vic Tinker, and an old Ontario fixed blade.
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    Your Opinion on Bear MGC knives

    I have a USA made Bear butterfly knife. As a basic no frills extremely cheap entry level's fine. Nothing more than that.
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    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    ZT 0350TS. Like you guys I have dozens of folders laying around. Everything from a Rat 1 to ZT's, Benchmade's, Spyderco's, and Microtech's. That chubby little 350 gets the most pocket time. It's just a brutally tough edc, and it's my favorite folder. :thumbsup:
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    Knife and Watch combo. Let's see them!

    I dig the ass end of that Halo poking out there. :thumbsup:
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    choose one: balisong or automatic out the front

    Beautiful spread sir. I dig it. :thumbsup:
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    A game of Never will I ever, Bladeforums edition

    Best post. Well done sir.
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    choose one: balisong or automatic out the front

    OTF. Microtech Ultratech. Slim, lightweight, fast, and solid firing, easily deployed, and repocketed, proven design/knife, quality craftsmanship. Bali-song's are just too flashy for me.
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    Photos Benchmade Crooked River authenticity

    I don't know if it is a fake, but the one that I had, and the ones that I've seen online have "us patent #xxxx" under S30V.
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    Superstition /Knives

    The Endura/Delica clip sucks. The lanyard hole is the weak link. Replace with a solid Manix 2 clip and rock on.
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    Is this a fake? S&W Homeland Security 1st Production Run

    Looks fresh out of the truck stop.
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    Best Flipper ever!

    Another ZT. The 0308. That huge blade on bearings plus the flipper position really slams/fires the blade home with speed, and authority, along with effortless ease.