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  1. Drew Riley

    cutoff saw??

    They have their place, but for me it's few and far between. For 99% of what I've ever used one for, I'd have much rather used my horizontal bandsaw. They're super noisy, they throw dust and sparks everywhere, they've got a big kerf, and they don't always make that accurate or clean of a cut...
  2. Drew Riley

    Stonewash setup ?

    I have the 18 lb tumbler from HF, and IIRC, I bought two 5lb jugs of media. You may even want to get 1 or 2 extra besides that, as the media will break down with use.
  3. Drew Riley

    Recommendation? Mini mill

    If I could only have one or the other, I'd pick the largest mill I could afford/fit in my shop. Make sure to set aside a pile of money for tooling and accessories too. Vise, collets, indicators, drills, mills, and cutters, parallels, v-blocks, clamps, etc.... As for finding one in the drill...
  4. Drew Riley

    CNC micarta scales

    At the very least, I'd try to set up some dust collection, even if it's just a shop vac.
  5. Drew Riley

    Acetone price

    Here in NW Indiana (about an hour from Chicago) we're at about $20 per gallon at Menards and Home Depot. I like Ace Hardware for some things in a pinch, but I rarely expect to save any money there. With Menards' perpetual 11% mail in rebate, it comes to about 17.77 per gallon. (Or $80 for 5...
  6. Drew Riley

    First Knife Completed (sort of)

    I'd say it looks like you're off to a pretty dang good start. 1st or 10th, that's a fine looking knife.
  7. Drew Riley

    I need help finding a cost-effective belt ginder

    Short answer? No. You can get a 1x30 for about $60 these days, but I honestly wouldn't bother. I just browsed the Boise Craigslist and found this: You probably won't find much better for the money, and...
  8. Drew Riley

    Can this old motor be used as a buffer?

    That motor should be just fine. I'd get something like the Shop Fox W1681 buffing assembly and use your motor to drive it.
  9. Drew Riley

    What's your day job?

    I'm currently working as a Stationary Engineer in a hospital boiler room, though I recently got promoted to HVAC Tech. Unfortunately, we're so short handed, I haven't been able to leave the boiler room quite yet.
  10. Drew Riley

    How to get slipjoint bolsters even You can view the pictures before and after the link to see how Tony Bose did it.
  11. Drew Riley

    Surface grinder belt conversion question

    Will your wheel hub fit a 1.25" thick wheel? You may have to thin down the center on a lathe in order to get it to fit. I believe their wheels are only rated up to 800 RPM as well. Their website instructs you to call if you have higher RPM requirements. When I did my conversion years ago, I...
  12. Drew Riley

    How Long Do Hydraulic Lines Last? ... 😅

    How long do hoses last? Well... it depends. If in doubt, I'd throw 'em out, or at least keep a couple of the better looking hoses for backups. If they pass a visual inspection, you might see if there's a local hydraulics place that can service test them for you.
  13. Drew Riley

    Water/laser cut jimping?

    Wow... those results look pretty impressive. I wonder what one of those machines cost to own vs a dedicted laser or waterjet setup. I'm curious what maintenance would look like too, as well as average running costs. They make it look pretty attractive from the videos though.
  14. Drew Riley

    Water/laser cut jimping?

    That's gonna be a question best answered by whoever is doing your cutting, but kerf width on a good laser or waterjet machine is usually around 1mm or .040", give or take.
  15. Drew Riley

    Converting a wave + flat screwdriver to a chisel/scraper - mod.

    An assortment of fine grit wet/dry abrasive paper might also do it, though it'll take some elbow grease. You can lay the paper on something hard and flat like a piece of glass or tile. Some light oil, or windex will help keep the paper clean and cutting longer. Rough in your bevel with some 150...
  16. Drew Riley

    Milling off center problem

    As far as explaining the cause of your problem, CallumRD1 has a good idea about checking your column for square. I do have some additional questions though: Is the counterbore cut by your endmill staying round and within tolerance diameter wise? How far off center are we talking? Have you...
  17. Drew Riley

    Milling off center problem

    If I were you, I'd just buy a piloted counterbore and save myself a headache. An alternative option would be to verify that you're still on center after you're tooling change, by placing a center finder into your collet before you commit to plunging the endmill. If you don't have a center...
  18. Drew Riley

    B&S #2 Wet Grinding Attachment This site has all kinds of manuals, photos, etc, for different machines and manufacturers. They’ve got quite a bit for Brown and Sharpe. I didn’t look through the lists too closely, but maybe there’s something in there.
  19. Drew Riley

    Help!!! Drill bit stopped cutting

    Another tip that should probably be mentioned/expanded on: Not every "oil" is suitable for drilling, cutting, or tapping. Contrary to popular practice, WD-40 is NOT a cutting fluid, unless you're using it for aluminum, in which case, it actually works quite well. Similarly, 3-in-1 oil and other...
  20. Drew Riley

    Help!!! Drill bit stopped cutting

    Even a standard bi-metal hole saw will work pretty well if you keep the speed down and use a good cutting oil. You'll want to clean things up after, but you'll likely have to anything, regardless of the method used.