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  1. stevekolt

    What is your "bang for buck" knife

    As far as "bang for buck "goes, for me they would be USA made Bucks, SAK ALOX, (with SAK Classics on all our key rings), Mora, and Opinel. Some Case knives fit in that group for me also, namely the Peanut, and Sodbuster Jr.
  2. stevekolt

    Recommendation? Looking for a nice folder/flipper for a decent price!

    Buck Vantage for the win! American made, lifetime warranty, available in 420HC and S30V (other blade steels if you search for 'em) flipper with a 3.25 inch blade.
  3. stevekolt

    New Buck 040 Onset

    I would have liked to pick one up, but once again Buck didn't make it with a switchable pocket clip...:(
  4. stevekolt

    75th Anniversary Buck 119 - Boone & Crockett - SOLD

    Here is a 75th Anniversary Buck 119 - Boone & Crockett. Unused/ unsharpened, with 75th anniversary sheath and authenticity card. $104 with USPS shipping with tracking included.
  5. stevekolt

    Pair of 110's - SOLD

    Looks like these are SPF...
  6. stevekolt

    Pair of 110's - SOLD

    OK, up for sale are two unused, factory edge Buck 110's. Prices include USPS shipping with tracking. I am the original owner of the first one. A DLT exclusive, with a 20CV drop point blade. It is the second one down on the left. Original box, packaging, and brown distressed leather sheath. $125...
  7. stevekolt

    Pair of Buck Neckers - SOLD!

    Info sent...
  8. stevekolt

    Pair of Buck Neckers - SOLD!

    Hmmm...don't see it.
  9. stevekolt

    Pair of Buck Neckers - SOLD!

    Email sent...
  10. stevekolt

    What's your newest Buck knife

    You are welcome Jeff!
  11. stevekolt

    Do you have any dealbreakers?

    No goes for me are... 1. Made in China 2. Clip that can't be swapped for lefty carry 3. Tip down only carry 4. Partially serrated That's about it for me.
  12. stevekolt

    Pair of Buck Neckers - SOLD!

    Ok, up for sale are a couple of Buck neck knives that have been discontinued. First up is a Tops/Buck CSAR-T Liaison. I am the original owner. It is unused, unsharpened, and comes with the original box, sheath, and chain. Second knife is the Buck Smidge, S30V steel. I bought this one used, no...
  13. stevekolt

    Red Phenolic handled 119

    So, if C&C are getting exclusives again, will SKBlades be rising again?
  14. stevekolt

    Budgie 417

    Love mine. The green one replaced a Spyderco Cricket as my money clip. I believe it is named after a small bird. It is pronounced like the word "budge" but with a long "e"...budgee
  15. stevekolt

    Getting into blades

    Going to recommend Buck. If you want a flipper, the Vantage is available in S30V steel for less than $100, and half that in 420HC. If the flipper isn't a must have, look at the Slim Pro models. 110 has a 3.75" blade, and the 112 has a 3" one. Both in S30V, all are made in the USA, and have...
  16. stevekolt

    Green Beret - 7" - SOLD

    Sold to wroughndt...
  17. stevekolt

    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    You are right, the February BOTM was a Vantage. Now if this month's is a 112 Slim Pro in that same natural micarta, I'd have to try to grab one!
  18. stevekolt

    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    And it is still calling out your name...:D