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  1. elkins45

    What model is this?

  2. elkins45

    What model is this?

    I want to match my knives to their boxes but there a couple I don't recognize. What model is this?
  3. elkins45

    Light weight knife for hiking - have to admit, it makes a difference.

    I carried a Para3 lightweight during my six-day Grand Canyon trip in December.
  4. elkins45

    Ever lose a knife that just tore you up? And can anyone help with a resurrection? :(

    It’s not nearly in the same value class, but I left my Beretta Loveless hunter on the tailgate of my truck after skinning a deer and the next morning it was gone. A neighborhood dog apparently ran off with it. Five years later I was tilling my spring garden and to my amazement I saw it in the...
  5. elkins45

    Ever heard of GSM Outdoors? They just bought Cold steel.

    I am happily unaffected by this news.
  6. elkins45

    Hunting knife steel

    The knife I generally use for deer dressing and skinning is a Beretta Loveless. It’s AUS 8, but very well done.
  7. elkins45

    Buck: buying Chinese doesn't have to be an option

    Let me begin by saying I'm a huge Spyderco fan. Probably 75% of the knives I own are Spyderco folders. I have at least 8 or 9 Para 2's alone. So please don't take this as a knock on Spyderco. A few months ago I was in the market for a cheap lightweight folder I could take on the boat so it...
  8. elkins45

    Ways to get ripped off on Ebay

    I stopped selling on eBay when they forced sellers to accept PayPal. I won't take the gamble of getting burned on a return because PP always sides with the buyer. I won't accept PP when selling anything on any site. I realize that means a lot of buyers won't consider buying from me but I'm OK...
  9. elkins45

    What do you consider dull?

    If it belongs to me it's probably dull. Or if I've held it for more than about five minutes.
  10. elkins45 gone belly up?

    Their website returns an error page and their Facebook page hasn't been updated since 2016. Just curious because I don't need any new knives, but I bought from them several times in the past and was browsing thru my bookmarks to see what is new.
  11. elkins45

    Favorite Lock Type Poll

    Compression lock
  12. elkins45

    At nearly 69 years old - I've learned you can't beat...

    Until I discovered titanium I used to have to buy a new watch every 3-4 years because my sweat would corrode the edges of the case and make it like a serrated edge against my skin. A carbon steel blade in my pocket or in my hands suffers a similar fate. For an occasional use knife carbon is...
  13. elkins45

    Small thin locking folder?

    If I do that I won't have a reason to buy a new knife.
  14. elkins45

    Small thin locking folder?

    Only real downside I see to that is the nail nick. I didn’t mention it in the original post but one-hand opening would be a plus.
  15. elkins45

    Small thin locking folder?

    I’m looking for a relatively inexpensive ($40 max) small locking folder to use as a fishing knife. I would like it to have a relatively thin blade (like the big clip blade on a stockman) 2-2.5” that locks. Preferably it would have a lanyard hole because I would like to wear it around my neck to...
  16. elkins45

    Warning on PM2 10V

    This is my blue PM2 that was just recently returned to the lost. It’s been sharpened a few times so maybe a factory fresh blade might just possibly touch, but you could still add two screws and get pretty good support. I add one of these screws to all of my tip-up knives because it helps lock...
  17. elkins45

    Warning on PM2 10V

    Actually it just barely misses. I added the longer screws to my PM2 just for reinforcement and there’s no contact. I’ll post a photo if I can.
  18. elkins45

    Warning on PM2 10V

    The liners are tapped on the opposite side. Get some longer 2-56 screws from the hardware store.
  19. elkins45

    Warning on PM2 10V

    There’s a cheap and easy fix for the loose clip issue. See here:
  20. elkins45

    Lost my blue M390 Para 2

    Found it! It was folded up in my electric blanket!