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  1. Equipped4life

    SOLD! Festool MFT/3 Accessory Package

    @chepme This was sold. I have other festool accessories that I would sell, including many different types of sandpaper for various sanders. If you are looking for anything in particular please let me know and I will go through what I have, take pictures and post it up. Thanks,
  2. Equipped4life

    SOLD, Mix of 10. Kepharts in AEBL and 3V. DEK1 in AEBL

    in please Delta 3V Kephart Natural Micarta Scales
  3. Equipped4life

    SOLD! Festool MFT/3 Accessory Package

    Hi @chepme , Its been more than 2 years since I posted it and I dont remember offhand. I will check and get back to you by tomorrow.
  4. Equipped4life

    Mixed inventory

    one DEK in D3V please
  5. Equipped4life

    Everybody say hi to my mom!

    Hi Nate's Mom! Iv'e been a long time lurker on Nate's subforum even though I dont post much. Wanted to add that Nate's a wizard in the knife manufacturing world. He always treats his family respectfully, he works very hard, he's honest, and has done right by his customers and they are very...
  6. Equipped4life

    New car / automobile buying & leasing tips for CPK'ers

    Congrats Mike! I sort of had the feeling that the '17 crewcab wasn't big enough for all of your knives and axes :). Enjoy your new rig!!!
  7. Equipped4life

    Price Drop $40: Blauer Heavy Duty Cotton Pants Sz 34 New

    Still available. Seems to be a quality pair of uniform pants. Heavy cotton fabric. Size 34 regular I just checked and see that it is made in Mexico despite having photos of Amercian flag on label. Please post I'll take it here. Payment via PayPal Thank you
  8. Equipped4life

    Good Equipped4life is the real...steel?

    thanks for the positive mention. I'm 2 1/2 years late. Better late than never. Hope all is well
  9. Equipped4life

    Price Drop $40: Blauer Heavy Duty Cotton Pants Sz 34 New

    For sale: Brand new Blauer heavy duty 100% cotton work/uniform pants. Size: 34 un-hemmed. Color: Navy 6 Pockets Rise: Regular I purchased new a few months ago. Ordered black but received navy and too much time passed to return. Price Drop: $40 via PayPal includes shipping and tracking (most...
  10. Equipped4life

    SOLD! Surefire Sidekick Keychain Flashlight $29.00 TYD

    SOLD to @straightshooter1 2nds noted gizmoman
  11. Equipped4life

    SOLD! Surefire Sidekick Keychain Flashlight $29.00 TYD

    Hi, I am selling my brand new (7/2020) Surefire Sidekick A. Price is $29.00 TYD SOLD! I have a bunch of these. They are excellent lights and very handy to have on your keychain. Shipping is via USPS 1st Class with tracking. Payment by PayPal. Please post I'll take it here followed by PM for...
  12. Equipped4life

    Three Fiddleback's by Andy Roy (All Sold)

    I'll take the hiking buddy. Funds sent. Thank you!
  13. Equipped4life

    Bolle Tactical Ballistic Glasses - SOLD

    These are SOLD. Thank you Fitzy3
  14. Equipped4life

    Bolle Tactical Ballistic Glasses - SOLD

    For sale Bolle Tactical Sentinal Ballistic Glasses and glasses bag: Lens color is "clearish" ESP Frame is Matte Black Some specs from the box: Superior Anti-Scratch/anti-fog lenses ESP Indoor Outdoor Lens Balistic Rated MIL-PRF-31013 ANSI Z87.1-2010 99.99% UVA/UVB Protection Condition is New...
  15. Equipped4life

    bowled out t6 screw removal?

    You can try a sharp/hardened flat head screwdriver. Has worked for me in the past. t6 should have a diameter of around 1.7mm . Try a small flat/slot head. Closest standard size is the 1/16 (1.5875mm) flathead. I just checked my Wiha set and it also includes 2 metric sizes 1.5mm and 1.8. I would...
  16. Equipped4life

    SOLD, Field Knife 2, Delta 3V

    1 please ETA: email sent to Jo with order details. Thank you.
  17. Equipped4life

    Photos Fire fighting with a knife

    @Currawong thank you for taking the time to take the pictures and do the write up of your hike and for showing us the terrible devastation! I wonder how that echidna survived. You've had some brilliant photo posts and write-ups over the last couple of years as well. Is this the same...