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  1. Joemoore


    I’ll take the DPX hest
  2. Joemoore

    Shirogorov Neon NL

    I’ll take the bugout please.
  3. Joemoore

    Wilderness tactical belt black 36 in

    I’ll take the black belt if it’s still available.
  4. Joemoore


    Ill take a red warrior mini if any still available.
  5. Joemoore

    Want to trade a benchmade infidel 3300 and a microtech LUDT for a plain large sebenza 21

    Shoot me a PM! I would certainly consider a cash offer for it! The infidel is almost new but it doesn’t have its box top.
  6. Joemoore


    I’ll take it!
  7. Joemoore

    Want to trade a benchmade infidel 3300 and a microtech LUDT for a plain large sebenza 21

    Both are in excellent condition. Microtech will come with box. The infidel unfortunately does not have a box but it does have its pouch. PM me for photos. Looking for a plain jane large sebenza 21
  8. Joemoore


    It is.
  9. Joemoore


    I’ll take it! Just shoot me a PM with you PP info and I’ll get funds sent over as soon as I can!
  10. Joemoore


  11. Joemoore

    Spyderco Spyderco PM2 BHQ satin tanto $190 shipped

    Hey guys! Looking to sell a couple of spydercos I’ve collected. First up is a BHQ satin tanto version of the PM2. Bought it the day they came out and carried it once before deciding the tanto blade style isn’t for me. Looking to get sold! Second is a PM2 Bento box exclusive in M390 blade...
  12. Joemoore

    Collection reduction sale

    Hey all! Looking to sell off a few knives I’ve accumulated. All sales will be made through PayPal Goods and services only. Please post a “Ill take it” in the public chat as to not create any confusion through private messages. Please understand that I work night shifts and sleep during the day...
  13. Joemoore

    Applewatch series 6 cellular $400

    If I could get a few photos of it that would be great!
  14. Joemoore

    Applewatch series 6 cellular $400

    What color is the watch?
  15. Joemoore

    MSI Laptop, Apple Watch 4

    Could I get that product page please? I’m interested in the laptop. My email is [email protected]
  16. Joemoore

    (SOLD) G-Shock Mudman (5 Eyes) Model. Atomic, Solar

    I’ll take it if it’s still available!
  17. Joemoore

    Ti Prybar/Bottle opener

    Who’s the maker of This one?
  18. Joemoore

    Spyderco PM 2 M390

    I’ll take it