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  1. singularity35

    Are expensive knives worth it?

    I too, am curious what cola and fish hooks mean...
  2. singularity35

    Argument against flat grinds

    So what are scandi grinds?
  3. singularity35

    Does a synthetic sheath cheapen a knife?

    I like function over form. What functions best with the least downsides, is for me.
  4. singularity35

    Thickness vs width

    As mentioned in a previous post, there are too many factors to conclude. I'll just say this, all other things being equal(steel, heat treat, etc.) the best cutter will be the one that's the thinnest behind the edge. I will also qualify that, that's only as long as the edge is not too thin. For...
  5. singularity35

    Thickness vs width

    I don't understand your question, sorry.
  6. singularity35

    Thickness vs width

    Bothe height and thickness are important to performance. I think it's called aspect ratio. Different thickness at the spine and height will result in a different angle or aspect ratio near the edge or behind the edge.
  7. singularity35

    Dull edge after cutting sandbags?

    I dunno... it should be pretty obvious to anybody into knives that cutting open sandbags will dull your edges...
  8. singularity35

    Impulse buys? Who's guilty?

    Aren't all our knife purchases impulse buys?
  9. singularity35

    Knife you're embarrased to own or admit purchasing?

    I'm only embarrassed by not having a knife when I need it.
  10. singularity35

    Owning one pocket knife

    I carried a bali during high school and college. I had that for years and it fulfilled all my needs. Until I lost it when the outrigger canoe we were fishing in, capsized. I never felt the need for multiple edc knives until I got on the forums.
  11. singularity35

    Cheap folder with a good blade?

    Just get an opinel.
  12. singularity35

    Hard Use Folders?

    I don't think it's anybody's business what knives other folks like. If you just use your Busse as a letter opener, it's also not up for discussion because, you know, the money... it's theirs.
  13. singularity35

    Not so super steel?

    I used to do that. I don't do it anymore.
  14. singularity35

    Not so super steel?

    If I want pretty bevels, I'd take it as high a grit as I can. If I want useable edges, 600 grit is all I'll take it to.
  15. singularity35

    Don't get burned ! Turbo Mode (Flashlights)

    Turbo mode is actually used very often. Each time I come home at night. I have a big unlighted area before I get to my gate and I scan it from a distance before I go near. Just force of habit.
  16. singularity35

    Don't get burned ! Turbo Mode (Flashlights)

    I've gone over to the FW3A as an edc light. I like it because so far it's the smallest 18650 light I own. The thing is the eswitch(?) is easy to activate unless it's locked. Turbo mode on it quickly heats it up and more than once, I've had an itching then a burning sensation in my pocket.
  17. singularity35

    Tanto Blades?

    Well, since that unfairly inserted into that statement is a matter of opinion, you are open to disagreement to which I took my option to disagree. There is no myth. As I replied. it just is more work. You said that I was manufacturing the personal side of your butthurt. This statement...
  18. singularity35

    Tanto Blades?

    Ok, then I hope that the oppression comment was an attempt at humor.
  19. singularity35

    Tanto Blades?

    I know but it's like sharpening two knives for me. Why, oh why do people take it personally when someone disagrees with their preferences?