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  1. Jon E Walker


    If you're interested, I could go $200 on this. Thanks, Rob C.
  2. Jon E Walker

    sold / withdrawn

    I'll take the Battle Mistress please.
  3. Jon E Walker

    Bastenelli mako, fox 637T karambit

    I'll take the Mako please. Pm inbound
  4. Jon E Walker


    I will take this please.
  5. Jon E Walker

    Kit Carson and Charlie Bell

    I will take the Kit Carson please.
  6. Jon E Walker

    Dirt cheap Alan Davis users! - Sold

    I will take the burl scales one please.
  7. Jon E Walker

    Busse Active Duty - Snakeskin handles!

    Please, someone buy this beauty, before I have to.
  8. Jon E Walker

    Cold Steel SRK Carbon V/USA

    Ill take this please.
  9. Jon E Walker

    Xavier Knox (Echo Delta Charlie) Slimpik Pikal

    I'll take this please. PM inbound.
  10. Jon E Walker

    -spearhead- 95X18 sold

    Beautiful quality work. Nice to see you back on BF.
  11. Jon E Walker

    SOLD Toor/Axis

    I'll take both the Toor's please.
  12. Jon E Walker

    SOLD! Tom Krein Custom Pocket Bowie

    Payment received. Sold to Harleyvato. Thanks Vato and Bladeforums!
  13. Jon E Walker

    SOLD! Tom Krein Custom Pocket Bowie

    It's yours pending funds. Email replied to.
  14. Jon E Walker

    SOLD! Tom Krein Custom Pocket Bowie

    Lightly used/2nd owner. Opened a couple of boxes. Original edge. $SOLD includes PP G/S and Shipping (Lower 48). Sales only, not looking for trades at this time. First "I'll take it" followed up by PM and prompt payment. Details The Pocket Bowie is a custom clip point fixed blade from maker Tom...
  15. Jon E Walker

    SOLD L.T. Wright Pro-Tac

    I will take this please. PM inbound
  16. Jon E Walker

    CPK (SOLD) & Joe Watson (SOLD)

    I will take the Watson please. PM inbound.