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  1. Blue Sky

    Just A Picture - Traditional Picture Show

    One of the first, or at least very early, issues of the Farmer Lock, I believe. Black delrin covers, O1 blade.
  2. Blue Sky

    SODBUSTERS... bust 'em out, work 'em hard and show 'em off

    Sodbuster thread on page 7? This cannot stand! Some Case, GEC and Smith & Sons. The chestnut Jr. is an edc. Truth be told, it can handle 80% of my daily needs by itself.
  3. Blue Sky

    Cold Steel Recon Tanto sk-5 good for splitting wood

    For a dedicated knife-type tool for splitting smallish rounds, I think an Ontario 12” machete is the ticket. Inexpensive, tough and effective. I’ve used mine for that purpose for years and it’s still going strong. Think what you want about batonning, but it’s been done for a long, long time...
  4. Blue Sky

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    This one has been on the list for a long time, figured now was the time. Easy to see why it’s been so popular over the years.
  5. Blue Sky

    SK Blades email

    Going out on a limb, but age, impending retirement(s) and no heir apparent leads us here. Who knows how the future leadership will take things. Vaguely similar to the situation over at Cold Steel, which is also a bummer, for some of us.
  6. Blue Sky

    Recommendation? I'm planning on buying a large, off-the-wall folder to commemorate an event -- a conversation piece

    Thirds (I think?) on the Opinel 13. I had one for a while, it was a monster.
  7. Blue Sky

    WiFi camera options? Bad, Better, Best?

    The people at the post office know you, yet they are giving your packages to someone else? Even after you’ve told them someone is stealing your packages? Are you kidding? None of this makes any sense.
  8. Blue Sky

    Favorite Lock Type Poll

    Back lock/lock back is my favorite by far, probably due to carrying traditional style folders for so long. They have proved very dependable and trustworthy for me. The Tri-ad is my favorite version of it. A little play is almost inherent in lock backs, and a small amount is not a big deal...
  9. Blue Sky

    Recon 1 modification question

    Jimping is overrated, I wouldn’t do it. A lot of work, time and patience spent for no gain and you risk buggering up a perfectly good knife.
  10. Blue Sky

    Argument against flat grinds

    The main argument of the video is that convex edges are stronger and last longer than flat ground edges because there is more material to support the carbides. At around 2:05 he admits that FG edges can be sharp, they just don’t last. Arguing for or against this premise is not something I can...
  11. Blue Sky

    F.N.G.- and what the..?

    My local Fastenal store sold a selection of O1 finish ground bar stock. A little pricy, but for a small quantity not unreasonble.
  12. Blue Sky

    Recommendation? Which fixed blade would you choose to take on rigorous day treks?

    Have to say, I’m with rhino. Same with the 120, for that matter. If you were able to explain why and where these two fall short, so to speak, you would get better targeted recommendations I think.
  13. Blue Sky

    Coldsteel Sold???

    These started off with open seams. After some number of years they changed to all welded seams. It appears they have gone back unannounced to unwelded seams. I don’t think this is anything other than a tiny cost saving move by the new owners, like no longer providing left side pocket clips...
  14. Blue Sky

    Ka-Bar's unpopular MK1

    My hands aren’t particularly large, the upper end of medium but not beefy or anything. If I remember correctly, it was mostly the butt cap that would get in the way. Maybe if it was a little smaller in diameter it would be less of an issue. Your hand would be able to go to or extend off the...
  15. Blue Sky

    Ka-Bar's unpopular MK1

    The MK1 has a lot of potential, but is just a little off IMO. The handle is a little too short and a little too fat in the wrong spot, which makes it feel odd in hand. Normally I‘m a big fan of stacked leather handles but the strangely enough the kraton handle feels better to me. I really...
  16. Blue Sky

    I survived the Professional Engineering Exam!

    Great news, very happy for you!
  17. Blue Sky

    Budget knife impressed me!! Cold Steel Range Boss.

    Range Boss has arrived! Fit and function are pretty good, overall very pleased with it. No left side clip of course. :rolleyes: Basically a copy of the Broken Skull in size and shape. As noted earlier, 4034 is supposedly very similar to 420HC. CS tends to get their heat treat right, so...
  18. Blue Sky

    The Boxing thread!!

    Mayweather really lowered himself for that one. Money or not, one of the best boxers ever doesn’t take that fight. Could you imagine Ali doing something like that? Not likely. Isn’t he like a billionaire anyway? How much money does he need? And AJ, the debacle against Ruiz really put a...
  19. Blue Sky

    Buck 110 mods

    Good tip on the bushing, thanks.
  20. Blue Sky

    The Boxing thread!!

    What do you think of all the old boxers coming out of retirement for the “exhibition” matches? Don’t want to jinx anyone, but someones going to get hurt if this continues. Same with the youtubers, I don’t blame them for going after the big payday, but sooner or later they’re going to talk...