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  1. palonej

    Zt 0990 inbound -update got it!

    Love it! Perfect detent & flips like a dream. Sweet edge and comfy in hand. I have NOT forgiven you tho!! Your pics made me do it!!
  2. palonej

    Zt 0990 inbound -update got it!

    Shameless bastards!!!
  3. palonej

    Received a Custom s90v PM2 as a present

    Great boss and super sick PM!! I work for a total A hole……..I’m self employed. 😁😁
  4. palonej

    From Russia with Love

    Bad ass small blade!.
  5. palonej

    Zt 0990 inbound -update got it!

    Ugh……you guys just can’t help yourselves. :mad::mad: Just ordered one.
  6. palonej


    Tried ordering the jade Ultratech…….they are one of the only dealers that won’t send an auto to NJ. Sucks
  7. palonej

    Things that annoy and bug us in the Exchange forum

    I still find it hard to believe how many sales ads are asking for FF payments. Interested in a few, but not that interested.
  8. palonej


    I’ll take the Bowie.
  9. palonej


    I’ll grab that sexy Manix. PM incoming!
  10. palonej

    Bad Problems with a seller toni1

  11. palonej

    Your most disappointing knife purchase

    ZT 450. Total PITA to flip.
  12. palonej

    Shadowtech OTF Toothpick

    I’ll take it!!
  13. palonej

    Anodized Titanium

    Hard to tell from the’s dark blue. Holding up well!!
  14. palonej


    No way will you be getting M390.......NFW.
  15. palonej

    Bad Survive! Deserves A Permanent Post In The Hall Of Shame

    At times like this, the projectile vomit emoji is dearly missed.
  16. palonej

    My first experience with DLT Trading

    Dealt with Jordan a few times and couldn’t ask for better service.
  17. palonej


    Are you like 12??
  18. palonej

    Bad Shepardcc scam

    Wouldn’t believe a single word this scumbag said.
  19. palonej

    Photos Our ABC's - Join In! (All Knife Styles)

    Yup!!! Been carrying mine at work all summer! Joy to use!