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  1. adamlau

    Photos! Post your CPK photos here!

    lol...I still have it, welcome to request it back for any reason at anytime :) . I have been on CPF satisfying my torch addiction, being that I simply had too many blades sitting around doing not much of anything. Now I have too many lights laying around doing not much of anything and I find...
  2. adamlau

    "Park Ranger". . . Pics, Specs, and Pricing!. . . Coming Sept. 20, 2017

    Satin G&B G10. Ordered 9/20/17. Paid 1/17/18. Awaiting Shipment :)
  3. adamlau

    CPK EDC2

    Yikes. Not a fan of the Dozier sheaths for the EDC at all. Months of daily carry (rotating between the Dozier and one of custom Kydex from Rainwalker Creations) have not been able to convince me otherwise. Unless the integrated loop has been dropped and spacing/support for Tek-Lok has been...
  4. adamlau

    Random Thought Thread

    I always seem to be cycling through hobbies. Back to lifting and I want a new bench and rack. Been looking at the IronMind Vulcan Racks and the Watson Pakulski and/or Animal (I have a number of IronMind and Watson tools and can vouch for their quality). Anyone here use any of the above?
  5. adamlau

    Besides CPK knives, whaddaya like?

    Just got back from a Carnival booze cruise down to Ensenada. No issues bringing the Mini Thorn Tactical aboard...
  6. adamlau

    My new rig and why I slowed down on knife purchases

    On the opposite end of the ride spectrum, but with the same end result of having to slow down on the blade buys: Just picked up a 2017 i3 REx. Not exactly breaking the bank, but still enough to put a nice pause on looking at INFI tools...
  7. adamlau

    What's next?

    Dog Soldier 4 LE.
  8. adamlau

    What knife would you like to see next from CPK?

    1 x HDFK And two of every kitchen knife pattern CPK happens to drop in 2018.
  9. adamlau

    Lubrication for 2018

    Krytox 205. 203 is you want something less viscous. Mix them to find your sweet spot. 203/205 represent my personal gold standards.
  10. adamlau

    Besides CPK knives, whaddaya like?

    The furthest thing from custom, yet nearly indispensable for menial to laborious site tasks: Milwaukee Fastback (1903) + DeWalt (DWHT11131) carbide blades...
  11. adamlau

    Random Thought Thread

    Our annual retooling of bail-out-bags is in session. Less guns/knives/pepper spray, what interesting things would you guys add?
  12. adamlau

    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Schmoo would make it interesting. Though I would pass on a UF with or without schmoo for a CPK kitchen tool...
  13. adamlau

    Figuring out screw size

    Fastenal, McMaster-Carr. Hopefully, you have suppliers such as those in your neck of the woods. Personally, I reference the McMaster-Carr website with a Mitutuyo in hand.
  14. adamlau

    Field Sharpening using Rocks

    I finish utility blades on garage slab all the time. A garage stem wall stands in for a coarse stone nicely.
  15. adamlau

    Figuring out screw size

    Home Depot, Lowe's or your local hardware store should have public thread checkers available.
  16. adamlau

    Free Hand or Sharpening System

    I was going to go with a v7 but am now waiting on the R1 before making a decision. The ability to accomodate 8x3 and 210mm stones sets Gritomatic systems apart in that it can be used less the costly investment into device-specific abrasive media.
  17. adamlau

    Finally pulled the trigger

    Why pick up EP stones when you can use full-sized alternatives?
  18. adamlau

    Free Hand or Sharpening System

    It could easily be the other way around. Common misconception that a freehand edge generally takes longer to profile and apex than a guided edge. Difficult to quantify either way without a reasonable doubt. If we define keen in the commonly held view as it relates to scratch patterns, then I...
  19. adamlau

    Besides CPK knives, whaddaya like?

    Rosle Perforated Turning Slice. Not a cutting tool? I beg to differ as it is the only divider we need when cooking on the stovetop and is sufficient for most separation needs when baking. P.S. Apologies to the cast iron purists as we are a stainless only household ;)
  20. adamlau

    What knife would you like to see next from CPK?

    Along the lines of what has already been mentioned, seasonal offerings would be nice. A roast fork or carving knife for T-Day. Pumpkin carver for Halloween. Something cute for V-Day. So on and so forth...