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  1. Dr Blazer

    Chad Nell/Tashi Bharucha Darkness

    Wow! Gorgeous knife!
  2. Dr Blazer

    Tobin Smith / David Clark

    What kind of steel is the Tobin Smith? Blade length?
  3. Dr Blazer

    SPK, 4V Shark

    I'll buy it
  4. Dr Blazer

    REK Ember fixed blade discussion thread

    Please put me 2nd in line
  5. Dr Blazer

    Brian Nadeau (Sharp by Design), Chad Nell, Kendall Hughes, Nova Blades

    What are the dimensions on the Kendall Hughes front flipper?
  6. Dr Blazer

    FSOT PRICE UPDATES Glenn Waters Viper / Chris Martin Mini Dub

    What is the front flipper on the far right of the photos next to the Jeff Park Bones? Nevermind, I just saw it in the folders for sale thread
  7. Dr Blazer

    Fixed Blade Fire Sale!!!!

    What are the dimensions, blade length, overall length of the Kevin Foster neck knife?
  8. Dr Blazer

    Krein, Gallardo, DoubleX, Osprey K&T

    Is the Rockstead Chou for sale?
  9. Dr Blazer

    SOLD Tactical Pterodactyl Mini-Raptor (Blue) Nitro-V

    Great little knife! I have one (nitro-v as well) with grey g10 handles and love it. If you're reading this and thinking about buying it, do it! You won't be disappointed.
  10. Dr Blazer

    (FSoT) 2 Bark Rivers

    I'll buy the Bark River PSK if it's still available
  11. Dr Blazer

    Hawk/Panchenko Orbit *SOLD*

    I'll take it if it's still available
  12. Dr Blazer

    Hawk/Panchenko Orbit *SOLD*

    Wow! Gorgeous knife. I've always wanted one, just can't buy it right now. I'm jealous of whoever buys this. Congrats.
  13. Dr Blazer

    Krein Hydra

    I'd like to buy it.
  14. Dr Blazer

    David Lespect Front flipper

    Wow! That's my dream knife and grail knife! One day I hope to be able to afford it.
  15. Dr Blazer

    Southard Tolk, Sharknivco Fin, Pohan Leu

    Wow! I haven't seen a Fin for sale in a longtime. Do you have any photos of it closed and a video?
  16. Dr Blazer


    I'll take the Midge
  17. Dr Blazer

    Art automat folder ,, Meramaid ,, FOR SALE

    Thank you for making such an beautiful knife!