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  1. jkwithawave

    Poll: When did you get your first GEC?

    I'm fairly certain it was 2019, or very late 2018. In 19 dove head first into traditionals. Very fun year in knife buying and using for me. My horizons were thoroughly expanded.
  2. jkwithawave

    Spyderco World Trade Center Knife

    I'm in. Thank you!
  3. jkwithawave

    Dragonfly 2: FRN or G-10?

    I've got the g10 model and really dig it. Even with the full liners it's crazy light in hand and pocket. Although I don't prefer frn, I'm definitely not opposed to it. I like it on my Stretch. With the dragonfly being so small I wanted a little mass to it, hence getting the g10 model. When I...
  4. jkwithawave

    Oakley Juliets

    I'll take the grey frames. Pm incoming.
  5. jkwithawave

    Surefire fake?

    I'd never seen them before either. I just searched it and only saw a few weaponlight counterfeits. If you're unsure, just chuck it on the ground a few times with varying force. If it breaks its fake. If it shrugs it off and lights right up probably real. That is terrible advice, please don't...
  6. jkwithawave

    Surefire fake?

    Yours looks legit to me from the pictures in your other thread. How does it feel in hand? Have you got any other Surefires to compare it to?
  7. jkwithawave

    [WTS] EDC Gear, Toor, Hinderer, CountyComm

    I'll take the sharpie case. Pm incoming
  8. jkwithawave

    SOLD Arcteryx Index 15 Pack

    I'll take this Arcteryx pack! Pm incoming
  9. jkwithawave

    Attention Well, what form should our BF Forum knife's bone handles take for 2021??

    I don't have anything in saw cut, so that's what I'm going with. Although happy with any. Purple or red.
  10. jkwithawave

    SOLD: Leatherman XL Molle Sheath in Brown

    I'll take this, my MUT is sheathless at the moment. PM incoming.
  11. jkwithawave

    Beverages and Blades - Traditional of Course

    Excellent choice! I almost always have some Mexican Coke i the fridge.
  12. jkwithawave

    Beverages and Blades - Traditional of Course

    Possibly my favorite beer, with one of my favorite knives.
  13. jkwithawave

    GEC 66 & Spyderco Air ......both sold

    I'll take the Air if its available, pm incoming
  14. jkwithawave

    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    I'm definitely in for 1! An 86 barlow, that is going to be pretty awesome. Clip point too! Definitely carrying my 2019 86 today!
  15. jkwithawave

    Citizen Nighthawk reduced

    I'll take the Lum tec. Pm incoming