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    HI Survival Knife

    Howard and I had fun together to review the knife. He did the most of work, I only "clicked" the buttons on the camera. Take care, Redflower
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    I'm very sorry to hear about that. I don't know what I should say. After working in a nursing home, I do see death differently. In the ICU where I used to work, I tried hard to cure and save every one's life, but now I am working hard on keeping my older patients in the nursing home...
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    Prayers for Bura's Wife

    Smoke for Bura's family.
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    Happy Birthday Nasty

    just got time to read threads; Happy belated Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Red Flower!

    Thank you, everyone. I left home for work @ 6:30am and came back around 5:30pm; I had a busy day in the nursing home. Fortunately, Howard cooked some delicious food for me tonight. That made my day. After reading these posts, I will be "sleepless in Seattle". Thanks again.
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    Request for smoke

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    Happy Belated Birthday Munk!

    Happy belated birthday!
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    Well Wishes for a Hard Working Lady

    Take care, Yangdu; Take it easy too, Yangdu;
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    Smoke needed

    You got it. Good luck on your coming surgery.
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    Prayers for Bura

    smoke sent...
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    A Smoke Request for Myself

    prayers sent...
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    Smoke requested for John Powell

    Smoke sent.
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    In Memory

    They are in our mind as always. Please take care. We will be there for you as needed. Peace be with you.
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    Which Star Trek character are you?

    My results: Beverly Crusher -- 80% Deanna Troi -- 70% Uhura -- 65% Data -- 53% Chekov -- 50% Spock -- 47% Will Riker -- 40% Worf -- 40% Mr. Scott -- 25% Mr. Sulu -- 25% Geordi LaForge -- 25% James T. Kirk (Captain) -- 20% Leonard McCoy (Bones) -- 20% Jean-Luc Picard...
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    smoke request

    Sorry about your loss. Smoke sent. Peace be with you and your family!
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    Smoke Needed My Friends.

    Please get well soon. Smoke sent.
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    Another Smoke Request

    Smoke sent.
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    Dad's gone

    Sorry about your loss. Take care of yourself and family. Peace be with you.
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    Good luck on your surgery. Recovery quickly...
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    Back to Work

    Welcome back. Happy New Year to you too.