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  1. Cpl Punishment

    Need information on 2hawks tomahawks

    I had their Voyageur. Very nice hawk, the bluing was deep and even, and it came sharp, though not shaving sharp. The blade cover was very thick leather stitched very well. I sold it because I needed money, and regret it.
  2. Cpl Punishment

    Is this guy doing more harm than good?

    To be fair, he never says he's joking or making this tongue in cheek. So the sad fact is, he may actually be serious. However, I remember this from the Art of Manliness website, which is a combination of historical, factual information of "this is what men of the past did" to kind of revive...
  3. Cpl Punishment

    The Walking Dead-Season II

    AMC hit it out of the park with this one.
  4. Cpl Punishment

    List the worse axes, hatchets or tomahawk on the market today. Ones to avoid

    Well, I'm just going to comment on why I said what I said. It was to show a dichotomy of thought, and that's the nicest way I can say that. The OP asked "What axe, hatchet or tomahawk did you buy that was a big waste of money and why? What happened? How much did that bad boy cost you?" Sounds...
  5. Cpl Punishment

    List the worse axes, hatchets or tomahawk on the market today. Ones to avoid

    We shouldn't allow threads about the best axes or hawks, either. In fact, no feedback on axes or hawks should be given in this forum. Very inappropriate.
  6. Cpl Punishment

    Opinions needed on Tomahawk.

    We need some in-hand pics of that.
  7. Cpl Punishment

    Girl Pants

    Well, remember that the #1 carrying implement for a girl is her handbag. Now, most will (rightly) have a problem with everything being carried off-body, but in the late 1800s-early 1900s, women started carrying the "possibles bag" and men stopped doing so. The secondary carrying implement for...
  8. Cpl Punishment

    Greetings from Afghanistan

    Welcome aboard. Thank you for providing your service.
  9. Cpl Punishment

    What kind of oil do you use?

    If it's daily use as a machete and is not going to be used for food prep, then injestable oils are a bit expensive for rust prevention. For a working tool, I'd Scotch Brite the blade so there's no residue, degrease it as thoroughly as possibly, and either leave the blade (not the scales)...
  10. Cpl Punishment

    Can i use a bench stone to sharpen?

    If you want a convex edge, the sandpaper/mousepad method is the easiest. However, a bench stone can be use to the same effect. On large blades, it really is easier to move the stone over the blade than vise versa. An axe sharpening puck is actually the easiest to use on a kukri as far as...
  11. Cpl Punishment

    Too much, too little?

    And this is what I'm really prejudiced against. IF it's JUST a FAK, or JUST a fire kit, you can get a decent kit in it (make great repair, i.e. sewing, kits as well). But I think the whole "This is what I can survive 72 hours with" is an iodea that came about by overhyped marketing. To wit...
  12. Cpl Punishment

    What is up, Cantina-goers?

    Not a whole lot going on here, Gorog. Just sitting around, letting my eye heal, and selling some stuff on eBay.
  13. Cpl Punishment

    Opinions needed on Tomahawk.

    Looking at the Jeff White Trade knives, a Fort Turner Iroquois, may be a great choice (Pic from Wolf_1989)
  14. Cpl Punishment

    Too much, too little?

    My "minimal kit" of course varies with the time of year, due to different clothing requirements. For a 3-season kit (remember I live in FL), my minimal dayhike kit looks nearly identical to Sicily's (probably because I read the same book), except I carry a standard plastic GI canteen and bring...
  15. Cpl Punishment

    Opinions needed on Tomahawk.

    Just so you know, in general, traditional hawks allow for the head to slip on the haft to easily remove it for packing and also so the haft will pop free rather than break when throwing. Also understand that throwing is the #1 way to break a hawk's haft. There are some "tactical" hawks out...
  16. Cpl Punishment

    Is this guy doing more harm than good?

    Mick, keep in mind that this video was at least originally intended as an "article" for The Art Of Manliness website, which is a bit tongue in cheek.
  17. Cpl Punishment

    Whose got the best Khukri injury?- WARNING GRAPHIC!

    Not to dimkinish the seriousness of this, but that cut is a LOT better than it could have been. BE CAREFUL. Kukri injuries is one area I'll be happy to remain deficient in.
  18. Cpl Punishment

    Is this guy doing more harm than good?

    Horses for courses. Reason I like the .22 Mag as the rifle, is the ballistics are much better than the .22LR -- an inch or so of vertical rise over 100 yards -- makes it very precise for small game out to ranges you usually wouldn't hunt such at. The 20 ga can handle all of the shot tasks, and...
  19. Cpl Punishment

    Is this guy doing more harm than good?

    Go back to my first reply. These tiny kits don't have enough of anything to really be useful, IMO. You can get a LOT more useful gear into something as small as a GI sustainment pouch. I see these "one item survival kits" as a mental exercise at best and inspiring a very false sense of...