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  1. Comeuppance

    What would you do?

    You stay away from my Caribbean, you monster. The Recon 1 does need a spyder-hole, though. The thumbstud is the only thing I dislike about mine.
  2. Comeuppance

    How Many Members?

    Well, there’s roughly 800 people logged in as I type this, so, I’d make a wild guess and say there are probably about 3500 or so users we would consider “active” and probably three times that number that post only a few times a year. There are apparently 300k+ registered users, but I’d bet that...
  3. Comeuppance

    Cold Steel Recon 1 / Tri-Ad lock issues ?

    Definitely check to see if something is stuck in the recess the lock bar engages with in the blade tang. If there’s nothing there, chances are the milling is off and the lockbar is galling against the blade tang - which would explain the added difficulty of disengaging the lock. Whether or not...
  4. Comeuppance

    What would you do?

    I would make the Cold Steel Tuff Lite in S35VN and give it a tip-up pocket clip. Alternatively, I would lower the price on the Spyderco Q-Ball by about $50.
  5. Comeuppance

    Benchmade quality

    Benchmade wasn’t passed by recently or anything. They’ve been behind in quality since at least when I started getting into knives in 2012 or so. Their assembly quality is unreliable and their heat treatments are okay - certainly nothing that makes the pricing on the majority of their catalog...
  6. Comeuppance

    Why is lock failure even a topic?

    I had something like this in mind when I was trying to imagine a situation where spine pressure and impacts occurred. I was thinking maybe HVAC or auto work, where parts are very close together / difficult to reach. Thank you for sharing. It’s rare to see inherently practical considerations.
  7. Comeuppance

    Most proven folder locking system that's not CS.

    Ironically, the balisong is probably the style of knife that has caused the most accidental injuries to the user, but not through failure of the tool.
  8. Comeuppance

    Why is lock failure even a topic?

    It’s a fixation that affects many people, but why? There’s no rash of lost fingers, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone say the lock on their decent-quality knife failed while doing reasonable knife tasks. It just seems like a bunch of people hitting the spines of their knives for no reason...
  9. Comeuppance

    Most proven folder locking system that's not CS.

    Well, since it’s certainly been overstated at this point that lock failure paranoia is just paranoia (as long as you use a knife like a knife), I suppose I’ll just answer the question as stated. The Axis lock is very strong, as it puts a steel cylinder between the blade and the handle. Many...
  10. Comeuppance

    What's up with MTN Forged? OTF MT clones?

    It’s not exactly morally ambiguous, since you would be financially supporting the practice of design theft. Granted, MT themselves have dabbled in a little design theft of their own, but, I don’t think that takes the sin off of it. OTFs are toys. Buy the MT to keep in a safe, and I suggest...
  11. Comeuppance

    Plague Doctor for what ails you..

    Hey, uh, Maxawear... you doing alright, bud?
  12. Comeuppance

    Zero Tolerance Current/Upcoming/Discontinued Models

    The 0223 is definitely a hard sell at $300. I can kinda understand where the costs are coming from - the handle design, the milling, etc - but that doesn’t make it any easier to stomach a price tag that puts it within spitting distance of a Hinderer. Couple that with a design that could be...
  13. Comeuppance

    Gerber Fastball

    It comes at a premium cost for being made in the US, but I would say, based on reviews, that it is likely a better knife use experience vs the leek and flat out. The Kizer you mentioned is going to be, at worst, a tie for quality of assembly, but arguably a step down in edge retention (VG10 vs...
  14. Comeuppance

    Will you buy a knife brand you are not really into if it's cheap?

    It’s a very rare occurrence that I’m both in a pawn shop AND they have a knife of some interest to me. I’ve purchased I think a total of two knives from such shops, a seemingly like-new Spyderco Szabo for $60 in 2014 and a Cold Steel Mackinac Hunter (with surface corrosion that was easily...
  15. Comeuppance

    New Doug Ritter folder

    Kinda disappointed that the price has gone up ~$8, but, to be honest, it’s still an excellent deal and the steel change (which I hadn’t noticed until I read this) likely explains the price change.
  16. Comeuppance

    Are ball bearing pivots just a marketing gimmick?

    Additionally, folders are rarely designed in such a manner that they should be subjected to extreme force. If people want to treat it like a fixed blade, they should get a fixed blade. I don’t know what reasonable hypothetical situation would result in physical hardware failure of any...
  17. Comeuppance

    Your EDC approach...

    Carry a cheap folder at work, carry a nice folder at home / away from work. Keep them sharp and clean. That’s pretty much it, aside from leaving the knife elsewhere whenever I need to enter a courthouse.
  18. Comeuppance

    Are ball bearing pivots just a marketing gimmick?

    ...what? Unnecessary complexity? I get that you don’t like them, but I don’t think they’re appreciably more complex unless you have loose bearings. If the bearings are caged, it’s the same number of parts vs a knife with nylon or PB washers. Bearings aren’t a “gimmick” entirely because have...
  19. Comeuppance

    Looking for an Ethical Beater

    Certainly, I would not argue that the maker of the specific goods are unaffected by the purchasing decisions. I was talking broadly about money going to China vs the US, as one’s money spent on a domestic or foreign product will partially end up in both the foreign and domestic markets...
  20. Comeuppance

    Do you think Cold Steel has seriously discontinued the Recon Scout?

    It’s no rumor. In at least Africa, billions have been spent on infrastructure and development by Chinese investors. They’re preparing to offload labor there when their own labor becomes prohibitively expensive.