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  1. Boss1911

    Discontinued Becker knives

    Thanks for the heads-up. I have a 20, 21 and 29 for heavy use. My go to big blade for "unsupervised tasks" is a Parangatang with a Correct Handle update.
  2. Boss1911

    Discontinued Becker knives

    I just got my hands on my last holy grail becker a BK6 Patrol Machete. While I haven't had a chance to really put it to work I have played with it enough to make it my official Christmas wish that all Becker Heads new and old wake up Christmas morning with a BK6 in their stocking...
  3. Boss1911

    Becker BK Evolution - A Metamorphosis

    I know this is a old thread but I wanted to bring it back and remind everyone how bad ass the Warrior is...
  4. Boss1911

    SOLD Bill Siegle large chopper

    I would love to have this blade, maybe next time...
  5. Boss1911

    Post your Becker knives pics here

    Nice, I need to put mine to work more than I do...
  6. Boss1911

    Post your Becker knives pics here

    That is one slick and sexy blade...
  7. Boss1911

    Post your Becker knives pics here

    You just have to torture me with all those Grail blades don't you Tanker... Maybe someday the blade gods will show me the way to Patrol Machete ownership...
  8. Boss1911

    120th Anniversary BK98 Becker Tuko

    Mine lives in the Camper and gets a good amount of use.
  9. Boss1911

    Beckerhead firearms

    I need to take some Gun/Becker photos as well. Here’s a quick pic of my AR10
  10. Boss1911

    SOLD!! Becker BK18

    I'll Take it...
  11. Boss1911

    Official BK18 Harpoon Thread

    I'm hoping they make this one in Men's Sizes at some point.
  12. Boss1911

    A new family member...The BK-18 Harpoon....

    I cant wait to get my hands on one of these... Or maybe two or three... :)
  13. Boss1911

    Does anyone else see a little Brute in the Gunny Knife?

    The new Ka-Bar 5300 Gunny Knife is a nice looking blade. Is it gust me or do you see a bit of The Brute style when you look at this?
  14. Boss1911

    Official BK18 Harpoon Thread

    The Gunny Knife looks like it may be cool. Does anyone else see a Little Brute style in this knife?
  15. Boss1911

    Beckerhead's Other Choppers

    Look at it this way. You can wait for November to get your Backup #2 Parangatang maybe even #3 you know the Backup-Backup, So buy one now and a couple more when they are on sale and just look at all the money you have saved!!!
  16. Boss1911

    Beckerhead's Other Choppers

    You will like the Parangatang, especially if you fit "Correct" scales to it.;)
  17. Boss1911

    Off Topic SHHHH Show US Your Brute (Sorry Ethan)

    I don’t disagree regarding the Cam BK1 factory grind but the Original Effingham Brute has a very usable grind and with a little work you can have a nice usable semi convex edge. It may not function as well as a new Bk9 but it’s a good looking usable blade...
  18. Boss1911

    Off Topic SHHHH Show US Your Brute (Sorry Ethan)

    Yes sir... It's easier to put them to work when you have a backup...
  19. Boss1911

    Off Topic SHHHH Show US Your Brute (Sorry Ethan)

    I'm tired of waiting for the chance to take some better photos so here is a quick snapshot of my Twins (2 from Effingham and 2 from NY) . I will post some better shots as soon as possible.