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  1. glocktenman

    Otter-Messer Knives

    What type of bolster is that on the last knife?
  2. glocktenman

    Two blade to one blade

    Here is the single blade Kayak! I've always wanted a single blade canoe...this is about as close as I'll get for a while. Blennbad did the work. The first pic I got from Gary, whom I got the knife from originally. You can see how wide it was with two blades. Now with one blade. It's...
  3. glocktenman

    Two blade to one blade

    Well gents and ladies, I just got my knife back and it is sweet. He did an excellent job on it. I've now got a knife I'll be carrying instead of selling it along. I've got to consider this option in the future when I see a frame and a blade style I like but with one or two blades I don't want...
  4. glocktenman

    The " Roosters " are crowing for the " Farmers"

    That's cool research to ID the owner.....for some reason I imagined the potential owner would be a man though.
  5. glocktenman

    Did anyone score the silver acrylic?

    :D:D:D. Pretty funny although I do like it more than the gold.
  6. glocktenman

    The " Roosters " are crowing for the " Farmers"

    Are the long bar shields intended for personalization such as an owners initials?
  7. glocktenman

    2021 GEC #15 Urban Jack Photo Thread

    I'm not sure what to think about this GEC 15. I've only had a beard once in my life a few years back but I looked like a skunk....white - grey under my nose and lips! LOL. I have had a solid mustache most of my life. Not sure I need a comb for it; a hot shower seems to settle it down. I have a...
  8. glocktenman

    Good Goes Around - A GAW

    I met a sailor I liked once...he was corpsman in my platoon! Congrats on making it through a tough career. I have been so lucky and blessed here. I have received two knives from members here. The first was a GEC 55 from Jeff as a gift that has become one of my favorite knives. The other is a...
  9. glocktenman

    Top Five Traditionals

    That Buck 532 is one sweet looking knife. Very classy!
  10. glocktenman

    Top Five Traditionals

    What? How did that top one get in there? LOL Spyderco Endura (?) wave; I do carry it in the top 5. GEC 55 gifted by Jeff. Thanks again!!! Spyderco Roadie........ Rough Rider mini tobacco sampler. Fun little knife. Rough Rider cub lock back. Newest carry. I'm digging some of the Lionsteel...
  11. glocktenman

    For Sale Case and Great Eastern Cutlery

    The GEC 25 is sold. Thanks for your interest.
  12. glocktenman

    For Sale Case and Great Eastern Cutlery

    2. Great Eastern Cutlery 252117 Unicorn Ivory Acrylic. This knife is new in the tube and is very classy looking. The blade is centered and the pull is about 7-8. $119 The knives are shipped and insured to you CONUS. Payment via paypal. Not opposed to trades - GEC 38 farmers Jack, 45 Lumber Jack
  13. glocktenman

    For Sale - CRKT, Kershaw, and Buck $155 4 ALL!

    For Sale - 1. CRKT - Prowler Marzitelli - Carried a little, in excellent condition. $39 2. Kershaw - Ken Onion - Spec Bump - 1596 - S30V steel - Built Oct 06. Assisted Opening - G-10 scales. Carried and used some. $99 3. Kershaw - Galyean - Junkyard Dog - 1725ST - Built Mar 07. Carried some. $89...
  14. glocktenman

    For Sale Swamp Rat - Priced to Move NOW

    For sale - one Swamp Rat knife. Never used. $125 shipped and insured to you CONUS. Payment via paypal. Thanks for looking!
  15. glocktenman

    Do you ever keep a knife you really don't like?

    In my experience I have received knives as gifts that I don't care for in style or quality. Those are often moved to another owner. I have a few that have sentimental value but I like them because of who gave them to me and not for what they are in style or quality. I've kept those. My tastes...
  16. glocktenman

    Rough Rider & Related Slipjoints

    I nabbed a cub lockback with buckshot bone. Pretty cool little knife. It looks very good and is sharp. I'm taking my small cotton sampler out of the rotation. Let's see how the cub flows....gonna get some pocket time this week.
  17. glocktenman

    Lockback Trapper?

    The one I saw was a Rough Rider brand.
  18. glocktenman

    Lockback Trapper?

    Here's a pic of similar. The one I saw was a bit thinner than the above #4 Moore Maker and Western. Maybe it's more of a stockman?