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  1. Brian Jones

    .22 and bears

    I carry .44 mag because I don’t trust my old eyes to be any good at marksmanship anymore.
  2. Brian Jones

    Advice for dealing with bears from a former spert.

    Sport preacher? She must be talking about running from the Chicago Bears defense in the NFL.
  3. Brian Jones

    New Book by Kevin Estela!!!

    22Rimfire, I’m betting after looking through just a few pages, you’ll buy it!
  4. Brian Jones

    New Book by Kevin Estela!!!

    Check out who’s recommending Kevin’s book:
  5. Brian Jones

    Brush Demon Hossom Outdoor Edge?!?!

    Oneknifeonly, Just unscrew the handle and pull it off then line it up on top of the tang and you’ll have your answer. This knife has been an amazing performer for me in the Everglades and as a weapon against animals, well, I was forced to use mine to dispatch a feral large dog a couple years...
  6. Brian Jones

    New Book by Kevin Estela!!!

    It will be available mid-April 2019.
  7. Brian Jones

    New Book by Kevin Estela!!!

    Preorder is available through and Barnes & Noble!
  8. Brian Jones

    New Book by Kevin Estela!!!

    Hey, all, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I wanted to give you a heads up about a new book by our co-moderator, Kevin Estela, that’s being released soon! I met Kevin a long time ago right at the start of his wilderness skills journey. I’ve watched with pride as he quickly went...
  9. Brian Jones

    Replacing your boot laces with 550 cord...

    All of my boots immediately get their laces swapped out for 550 paracord. Never have looked back and no problems.
  10. Brian Jones

    Cody Lundin Knife?

    As a Mod, I'd prefer someone does their research before starting a new thread, and sometimes bringing back an old thread is like bringing back an old friend. As long as there's new discussion happening, I'm fine with it, personally.
  11. Brian Jones

    New Member

    I also want to tell the forum members that the folks at campingsurvival know their stuff, and they extensively test every piece of gear before selling it on their site. Also, they are just great people. There are a lot of videos and reviews they have done around the Internet and on their site -...
  12. Brian Jones

    New Member

    Welcome Josh and Tom!
  13. Brian Jones

    Post up your 4-5" Bushcraft blades

    NJBillK thank you - for the first time it kept telling me the file was too large. I think Bladeforums was having a glitch.
  14. Brian Jones

    Hows it going WSS?

  15. Brian Jones

    Post up your 4-5" Bushcraft blades
  16. Brian Jones

    What are short light macetes for?

    Another thing: because they are thin they greatly reduce fatigue when clearing brush.
  17. Brian Jones

    101 uses for "Ranger Bands"

    I'm bringing this back to the top because of a related discussion on Facebook. :)
  18. Brian Jones

    How to clean a fish with a PSK knife.

    I'm a huge fan of small blades (how's that for opposites?) for the vast majority of my wilderness work. Well done!