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  1. rje58

    Am I on the right track buying these budget knives?

    True! To name but a few... the more time goes by, the more variety of really good brands that we seem to have to choose from.
  2. rje58

    The remarkable variation in knife pricing

    I am not seeing the 50% differences - maybe if you include the retailers that are charging full MRSP or more vs. the retailers with the very best prices and clearance items? As others have mentioned, like all businesses, prices vary among different companies and different sellers. A one-man...
  3. rje58

    General question

    Personally I like good AUS8 like you will find in Ontario knives and other quality knives that use AUS8. I've had good luck with AUS10 as well. Do they stay sharp as long as S30V or other higher end steels? No, but they stay sharp for a decent amount of use and they sharpen easily and get...
  4. rje58

    Replacement blade...

    Hogue's customer service number is 800 438-4747. 7am to 5pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday.
  5. rje58

    Civivi NOX, stainless handle, what else is like it?

    Are the smooth stainless handles as slippery as they look? Anybody used one yet with sweaty hands or in the rain?
  6. rje58

    Post Pictures - Works With Any Membership Level

    Some of the free image hosting sites only allow so much photo storage space, so in order to keep from using it all up, you can set the photos to automatically "expire" in 30-, 60- or 90-days to keep from running out of storage space.
  7. rje58

    Sold- Kizer Theta S35VN

    I'll take this per our PMs.
  8. rje58

    Sold - Kizer Odin

    I will take this per our PMs.
  9. rje58

    What watch do you wear?

    Orient Mako II - great value and very accurate for an affordable automatic .
  10. rje58

    New Cleaver and Carbon Fiber Bucks

    I totally understand what you are saying, but just because there isn't a huge difference between two different levels, doesn't mean we shouldn't draw a line somewhere. Most people probably couldn't tell the difference between BBB bonds and BB+ bonds, but the former are "investement grade" and...
  11. rje58

    New Cleaver and Carbon Fiber Bucks

    I know what 7Cr is, I know what 5Cr is that some companies are using now, I'm just saying that I personally don't go there for either one. As I mentioned in my first post, we all have to draw a line in the sand somewhere, and mine is 8Cr13Mov and AUS8. Of course I have some S90V, M390, 20CV...
  12. rje58

    New Cleaver and Carbon Fiber Bucks

    The new Buck flippers have arrived at retailers... thought about checking them out until I saw the steel is 7Cr. A non-starter for me. I'm not a steel snob, either, but you have to draw the line SOMEWHERE. And for me, nothing lower than 8Cr13Mov and AUS8. I know this thread is three months...
  13. rje58

    SOLD Zero Tolerance 0055 Cecchini LNIB

    I'll take this per our PMs. Update: Payment sent!
  14. rje58

    Recon 1 (Fair Price)

    $85 is a good price. I paid $96 for one a few months ago.
  15. rje58

    WTT TC 15 Osage Barlow for clip blade Barlow or other older GEC

    I have a LNIT 151118 in black linen micarta, clip point, single blade. Never used, carried or cut anything.
  16. rje58

    ZT 0393glcf--Talk me out of it

    We can do things to keep our inner child happy without being immature. Being mature isn't the same as being a "fuddy duddy stick-in-the-mud". In some ways, it's easier and much safer to have more fun, the more mature you are!
  17. rje58

    GEC 15 (151118) very nice used - SOLD

    This one is sold! shipped PayPal G&S Feel free to ask questions via PM or profile post, but please keep the sales thread clean, except for “I’ll take it!”. For sale to CONUS only. Please allow at least two business days (M-F) for me to ship once payment is received, due to work and family...
  18. rje58

    ZT 0393glcf--Talk me out of it

    Yes! There are only TWO KINDS of people in the world: Those who buy GITD knives, and those who don't. And YES, we make fun of BOTH of them! :rolleyes: