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    Random Thought Thread

    Same. I’m actually going to see them in December.
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    Random Thought Thread

    All my users have rust under handles, I have demon sweat
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    SOLD Large PJ Sebenza 21

    SOLD This knife is in great shape, aside from some light snail trails on the handles and clip. Lanyard and lanyard pin are gone. Anodizing on the thumb stud is worn off a bit too. See pics and video. Centering is off a bit towards the non-lock side. Blade is clean, but was sharpened by previous...
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    Carothers and Guns

    Basically a punt gun
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    SOLD Basic field knife for $275 including PayPal fees and shipping. Received days ago and never used.
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    Random Thought Thread

    Gabagool? Ova here
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    Random Thought Thread

    Fongool 🤌
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    Ontario Bagwell “Drifter”

    This knife has some patina on the brass handle pins and on the guard, the edge is uneven at the tip. No other flaws I can see. No cracks in handle. No marks on blade. This knife is extraordinarily thick, probably intended by Bill to cleave skulls like a khukuri. Carries better than any of the...
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    Random Thought Thread

    Please make an edc rapier now
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    Sheeple friendly configuration

    Best way is tucked down the back of your pants imo. Plain micarta is equivalent to wood in terms of looking sportsman-ey. My brother in law works in aerospace and calls it phenolic wood.
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    What kind of folder do you carry?

    The Cypher has ruined a lot of lesser knives for me
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    Dug up an old Camillus, literally

    I dug up this knife a long time ago, I used WD40 to clean off the rust, may have Flitzed it too but I can’t remember
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    Large Historic Knives and their Origins: Bowie (California), Khukuri (Nepal), Bolo Knife (Philippines), Golok (Indonesia), etc., etc.

    I don’t think Jim Bowie really went west of Texas…you might be thinking of the No Knife Ever, which originated from California.
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    Random Thought Thread

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    Ultratech Jedi Knight - $400

    Ultratech Jedi Knight for sale, like new. Asking $420 $400 including PayPal fees and shipping.
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    Whatcha listnin to oo oo?

    I remember that one had a great music video
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    Random Thought Thread