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  1. Matthew Gregory

    "Fractures Embrace" Bladeshow 2021 Dagger

    Excellent stuff, Paul.
  2. Matthew Gregory

    "Ruins"- large bowie

    Love the handle work on this one, buddy.
  3. Matthew Gregory

    CPM Magnacut Hunter/Skinner Set

    Excellent! Love that sheath setup, buddy.
  4. Matthew Gregory

    80CrV2 and Micarta Trail Knife

    Don't listen to that jerk. 😁 Follow your heart. Every knife should be set out like it's intended for you, and by the time you're finished with it, it's out of you, and needs to be someone else's so you can start the next one. 🙂 Sweet work, Marc. I hope it makes you happy, even if it...
  5. Matthew Gregory

    80CrV2 Subhilt Bowie

    Totally off the hook, buddy.
  6. Matthew Gregory

    Swept Fighter in CPM-Magnacut and cocobolo

    I recently finished up this swept-bladed fighter. The flat ground blade is 6" long, in .200” thick Crucible CPM-Magnacut, with a beveled spine. The small guard is made of black Richlite, with a titanium spacer. The handle consists of a black G10 frame with some gorgeous old cocobolo I've been...
  7. Matthew Gregory

    Utility knife in Crucible Laminate and Goncalo Alves

    Thanks, everyone. This was a fun one!
  8. Matthew Gregory

    Utility knife in Crucible Laminate and Goncalo Alves

    I made this small utility knife for a good friend, inspired by a small piece of this wonderful, wonderful Crucible laminated steel that I didn’t want to go to waste. The 3-1/2” blade consists of .150” thick Crucible Laminate CPM-10v core/CPM154 cladding, ground to almost zero. The...
  9. Matthew Gregory

    The passing of Fred Lohman

    I just had a distressing phone conversation with Chris Lohman, son of Fred Lohman of Fred died in April, at the age of 88. If any of you have had an opportunity to speak with him in the past, you would know that he was an eclectic and energetic man of nearly limitless...
  10. Matthew Gregory

    9" Aikuchi in Crucible CPM-S45vn & LOTS of carbon fiber

    Considerably more involved than that, buddy. I'm starting with raw carbon fiber cloth, then saturating it with resin. After it cures, you apply countless coats of resin until you build up the surface to be completely even. Then you wet sand, re-apply another coat of resin, wet sand, rinse...
  11. Matthew Gregory

    Random Thought Thread

    Nathan had dinner with me at Blade Show. Two years in a row. …I’m certain he won’t ever recover from the experience.
  12. Matthew Gregory

    Maringer styled Haiku knife

    Damn, Bob - you killed this. WOW
  13. Matthew Gregory

    Sambar Stag Dagger

    Sweet, buddy.
  14. Matthew Gregory

    200mm Chef

    Clean, buddy.
  15. Matthew Gregory

    9" Aikuchi in Crucible CPM-S45vn & LOTS of carbon fiber

    This was a really slick project, with a good backstory. I was chatting with good friend of mine that lives far, far away from me during the start of the pandemic, and he mentioned a drawing he'd made as a teenager that had some design elements similar to a lot of my work. After showing me his...
  16. Matthew Gregory

    4" kwaiken in CPM-Magnacut and Koa

    Hey man! I’ve been toying with the idea of making a really little one, for kicks. We’ll see if it ever happens. I don’t make folders, so you won’t be seeing one from me, but production on this steel has already ramped up and is being sent hither and yon at great speed. It’s my guess that you...